Greece Teen Trip • Greece Teen Tour

Greek Odyssey

Quick Look: 14 Days, Greece and the Mediterranean Sea! Explore Athens plus the culture and adventure of the Greek Isles.  |  14 DAYS: $5288.00 (Plus Airfare)



Ages: 14-18

Grouped By Age


Dates & Price

14 days: $5,288.00

  • June 29 - July 12
  • July 14 - July 27
  • July 29 - August 11



Trip Highlights

  1. Explore the Beautiful Greek Isles
  2. SCUBA Dive the Ionian Sea
  3. Sea Kayak, Snorkel & Windsurf in Lefkada
  4. Whitewater Raft & Zip-line the Peloponnese
  5. Athens: Visit the Acropolis
  6. Olympia
  7. Mediterranean Beaches & Greek Culture

Learning · Service · Leadership

  • Tons of Water Sport Instruction
  • Greek Culture & History!
  • Daily Leadership Responsibilities
  • Food Preparation and Life Skills
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Community Service: 3 hours
  • Maximum: 13 Campers & 2 Trip Leaders
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14 days of Greek Mediterranean beaches & culture. Enjoy the heart of Greek culture, beaches, whitewashed houses, the Acropolis and the mountains of Greece.


In Athens, the capital of Greece and one of the world’s oldest cities we begin our Greece teen trip! From our hotel located in the historic Plaka district, we spend two days experiencing the culture of the city by visiting the Parthenon, Acropolis and the Agora Central Market. Led by a local guide, we walk through more modern neighborhoods for spectacular views of the Aegean Sea.


We head into the Peloponnesian Mountains for the camping and adventure part of Bold Earth's Greece teen tour. Rafting the Alfios River, we enjoy the whitewater and on one of our rafting days we even rappel from a bridge. Next, we spend one day hiking through the Loussios River past pristine waterfalls. On our hike day we explore ancient monasteries and at the end of our hike, we zip-line across the river. On our way to Lefkada we stop at the Olympia archeological site, the birth place of the Olympic Games. Stationed at an idyllic campsite for the duration of these adventures, our time in the Peloponnese is pure paradise!


In the gorgeous Ionian Sea, we explore the crystal blue water and pristine beaches that make this area spectacular. Highlight includes two scuba dives in the calm, clear, blue water of Greek's Ionian Sea! Greece’s summer weather is perfect for adventure activities! Mornings are spent in the water - scuba diving, windsurfing and sea kayaking. No experience is required as Bold Earth teaches the necessary skills. Afternoons are spent on the beach and exploring the beautiful beaches and towns that make the Greek Isles famous. The final chapter of our journey brings us back to Athens, for a final day of city culture and a celebration dinner!


Where To Next? Two Trip Combinations!

Time between trips is fully supervised and included at no additional cost.

Greek Odyssey   Bike Amsterdam Paris                   Greek Odyssey   Bike Amsterdam Paris
    6/29 to 7/12 . . . 7/14 to 7/27                                       7/14 to 7/27 . . . 7/29 to 8/11
Greek Odyssey  &  Spain Adventure                               Greek Odyssey   Spain Adventure 
   6/29 to 7/12 . . . 7/14 to 7/27                                        7/14 to 7/27 . . . 7/29 to 8/11
Greek Odyssey   Ciao Italy                                             Greek Odyssey   Ciao Italy
  6/29 to 7/12 . . . 7/14 to 7/27                                         7/14 to 7/27 . . . 7/29 to 8/11
Greey Odyssey   Ultimate Alps                                    Greek Odyssey   Ultimate Alps
   6/29 to 7/12 . . . 7/14 to 7/27                                        7/14 to 7/27 . . . 7/29 to 8/11
Greek Odyssey   California Dreamin'                                         
   6/29 to 7/12 . . . 7/14 to 7/25   
Greek Odyssey   Bold West                 
   6/29 to 7/12 . . . 7/14 to 8/7                                                

Call Bold Earth (303 526 0806) to discuss two trip options!

My Greek Odyssey summer was a great experience and I enjoyed it a whole lot. Bold Earth was way different from all the camps I've been to since it is a smaller group and more adventurous, which I really enjoyed. I hope to go on another Bold Earth trip next summer!

— Pearl Bangkok, Thailand