Improve your Conversational Spanish Skills
Three, Bold Earth 14 to 28 day Spanish Language Programs!
Costa Rica Classic 21
21 days of Costa Rica! Adventure, Spanish language and 20 hours of community service. Trip has it all!
  • 7/1 to 7/21
  • 7/23 to 8/12
21 days
Ages: 14-18
Grades: 8-12, Grouped by Age
Costa Rica Spanish 14
14 Days of adventure & Spanish immersion for teens eager to improve their Spanish skills and ENJOY Summer!
  • 6/30 to 7/13
  • 7/15 to 7/28
14 days
Ages: 14-18
Grades: 9-12, Grouped by Age
Spain Adventure
14 Days of language & European adventure! Based in AMAZING Barcelona & Pyrenees Mountains of Spain.
  • 6/29 to 7/12
  • 7/14 to 7/27
  • 8/1 to 8/14
14 days
Ages: 14-18
Grades: 8-12, Grouped by Age

Spanish Teen Camps

Spanish teachers, parents and students all agree: students who spend their summer on a Bold Earth high school language program return home with significantly increased command, comfort and confidence of Spanish. That’s because Bold Earth’s summer language teen trips are designed to help students transition from learning Spanish to speaking Spanish. Motivated high school students will love the homestays, real-life immersion, and small-class instruction by native speakers. The experience of bringing skills learned in the classroom to a real-life setting, consisting of local speakers, fluent teachers and other campers at a similar speaking language, is invaluable.
While language improvement is the goal of our Spanish teen camps, we also understand that summer is a time to step outside the classroom, live large and have fun. That’s why all of our language programs, whether in Spain or Costa Rica, involve big adventure and summer fun, like surfing, rafting, hiking, hot springs local markets, canyoneering and sailing. 14,000 alumni students and 38 years of experience can’t be wrong: experience the most epic summer of learning and living Spanish with Bold Earth’s spanish teen camp! Check out our Spanish teen trip blogs written by Bold Earth campers: Spain Adventure - Costa Rica Spanish - Costa Rica Classic