Why Bold Earth

Explore the World this Summer!


Summer is a time of discovery and freedom. Since 1976, Bold Earth has offered teen adventure travel trips where new friends, amazing trip leaders, incredible activities and breathtaking destinations create an unforgettable summer experience. Just ask our 16,000 alumni!


Bold Earth is camp specifically for teenagers. We teach life and character skills. We at Bold Earth are unapologetic Camp Geeks - - - we love adventure travel camp! A summer spent away from home in very concrete and significant ways will complement great parenting. Success and failure are important to experience. On Bold Earth Teen Adventures, teenagers take on challenges which are fun and hard. Bold Earth gives our students the opportunity to explore new environments with new friends, without parents, teachers or coaches. The job and responsibility of Bold Earth is to supply the appropriate amount of support and adventure for a successful outcome.


On Bold Earth we are technology free but students will NEVER feel more connected. The best of human experiences begin with relationships. How do teenagers get better at relationships? They practice. Modern life is often isolated, one person, one screen or going through the routine of school. On Bold Earth the relationship skills which are critical to success in life are practiced every day. 


Bold Earth embraces the small group atmosphere, where high standards, a solid structure, and incredible group dynamics create an environment of success and positivity. Successful groups also abide by standards and rules which unify the group and allow students the maximum about of trust and responsibility. Click on this link to read the full Bold Earth Participation Unity Agreement.


Most teens love Bold Earth because every day they socialize, they speak to others, collaborate, show their work ethic, do critical thinking, show leadership and help their peers. Zest, Grit, Self Control, Optimism, Gratitude, Social Intelligence, Curiosity ... that is Bold Earth! Bold Earth teaches teens to be confident, independent and resilient!!!
The Bold Earth team extends its thanks to the 16,000+ alumni families for the privilege you've given us to share the magic of camp with you. The goal of our entire team is for Bold Earth to be in your very highest rank of trusted summer camps! We at Bold Earth can’t wait for the summer to begin and hope that you are smiling right this very minute because you are thinking of the summer ahead!!!!
  • WE BELIEVE that safety, success and fun must determine every decision at Bold Earth. We enthusiastically believe that this is your trip! We encourage teenage adventure travelers to take ownership of their adventure by making new friends, accepting new challenges and making this their best summer ever!

  • WE BELIEVE that teamwork, friendship and trust are the foundations of character. On a Bold Earth adventure, learning, teaching, leading, following, succeeding, failing and then trying again without parents, coaches or teachers will motivate you to be more resilient, independent and strong.

  • WE BELIEVE that the cultures and ecosystems we visit should be carefully considered and preserved. We are committed to buy and employ locally, hoping to sustain the communities we visit. We teach and practice respectful environmental policies to minimize the impact of our adventure program for teenagers.

  • WE BELIEVE that summer is a powerful time to live large and dream big.  By traveling to exciting places with new friends, Bold Earth aims to open hearts and minds to endless possibilities for high school students and our world.

  • WE BELIEVE that it is our responsibility to deliver safe, organized and worthwhile teen adventure programs that inspire an interest in our global village.  All Bold Earth programs include community service projects which contribute to the environment and communities visited.

  • WE BELIEVE that Bold Earth trip leaders are there to work in partnership with you. Bold Earth combines motivated teenagers with brilliant leaders in small groups. Living day to day with a tight group of peers is an experience in growth, friendship and responsibility that should not be missed.

  • WE BELIEVE that a summer with Bold Earth will deepen maturity, broaden perspective, enhance leadership abilities and send you home saying, "I was incredible!"  The privilege of Bold Earth Teen Adventures requires determination, strength, laughter, compassion, patience and compromise, and will produce tangible rewards.


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