2018 Parent & Student Testimonials

Bold Earth is amazing. From the first minute I talked to them, it has been nothing but a positive experience. Bold Earth is the best thing my daughter could ever do… She wants to come back and be one of the trip leaders. As she has said, “Bold Earth has changed my life.” The trip leaders make every part of the trip fun and enjoyable. –Leslie Munsell, fourth-year parent

Everything, especially the safaris, surfing, and the people. Out of the five trips I’ve done, the Africa trip was my favorite! –Ethan, five-year student

Having had my daughter participate in wonderful Bold Earth programs the prior two consecutive years, I was confident about another successful experience for my son, no matter where I sent him. He made lifelong friends and learned new skills in places he had never been, all of which got him out of his comfort zone and gave him a huge boost of positive energy and confidence. He is still extremely stoked about his bike, hike and raft trip with Sara and Zach, and is totally game for a new Bold Earth adventure next year. Thank you so much for all you do to create amazing forever memories! – Trent Bullis, third-year parent from Mobile, AL

The second safari where we were all laughing and having a good time. It was also my favorite because we saw a pack of lion up close. I loved it so much. I consider that trip the best three weeks of my life! – Tau, second-year student from West Tsibury, MA

Despite my son’s initial reservations, he had a great time. He was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed his time with his trip leaders, who were wonderful, fun, and approachable leaders. Both Zach and Sara were high-spirited, fun, and relaxed with the kids. This is a departure from Max’s previous experience at other camps where he relayed the leaders did not interact with the students as much, let alone give them freedom to choose (like dining options) or make decisions as a group. Sara and Zach were the highlights of Max’s trip! – Anne Oh, first-year parent from New York, NY

My favorite part of the trip was building relationships with the local children during our community service activities as well as the time spent in villages. – Hannah, first-year student from Bedford Hills, NY

Bold Earth was an unbelievably positive experience. Noa came back energized, with a newfound sense of independence and responsibility. – Jamie Deutsch, first-year parent from Scarsdale, NY

I loved meeting the children in South Africa, learning about the different culture, seeing the animals and getting to know the other kids and leaders that I traveled with. – Amanda, first-year student from Barrington, RI

We chose Bold Earth from a web search, as we sought out an adventure tour for our daughter. It took a great leap of faith to send her out to Las Vegas never having met anyone from the company. Any time I called, I immediately got a helpful voice on the other end of the phone. My daughter had the time of her life and obviously made lifelong and far-flung friends. She grew in responsibility, maturity, and independence. Taking a chance on Bold Earth is one of the best decisions we have ever made. – Melanie Sirof, first-year parent from Merrick, NY

My favorite part about the trip was every single day! I love all of the community service we did, the safaris, and camping—and experiencing South Africa in its entirety. – Marissa, fourth-year student from Orange, OH

The trip was an amazing experience for Justin. He loved the kids on the trip, and I felt it was well organized. My son loved his trip leaders—they helped make the experience so great. – Merideth Koch, first-year parent from Mt. Laurel, NJ

My favorite part about the trip was being able to create friendships and family-like bonds with all of the people in my group, while getting to experience so many incredible aspects of the culture in the places we were exploring. I loved being able to play with the kids at the schools and playgrounds; it was amazing to see how excited and energetic they were! – Maddie, second-year student from Huntsville, AL

I loved this camp for our son. It was everything we hoped it would be. The trip leaders were fantastic, and the communication and blog were awesome. My son really enjoyed his time and came back super excited to go again next summer! – Kim Buckiewicz, first-year parent from Colorado Springs, CO

I really enjoyed the ice climbing on the Matanuska Glacier. It is a once in a lifetime experience especially on the first summer trip you do. I only have good words to say about the program whenever I talk about it. – Alex, third-year student from Houston, TX

We are incredibly grateful for this experience for Matilda. We saw growth in confidence, a new ability to navigate unknown and difficult situations, and a love for the outdoors. Kate and Casey were fantastic educators! We couldn’t have been happier with the direct, loving, and skill-building lessons they had to share with Matilda and the rest of the group. – Aimee Good, first-year parent from Brooklyn, NY

The strength of the overall bonding experience was the most unique opportunity for me to make meaningful contacts and refine my personality in a way that benefits everyone around me. – Dan, second-year student from Vienna, Austria

Bold Earth was helpful and caring from the start. This is a great program—slick and professional. I had total confidence in the company, the administration personnel, and the trip leaders. My daughter came home buzzing, talkative, and highly enthusiastic because of her experience. She had a renewed focus for her immediate future. She was like a breath of fresh air when she came bouncing home. I highly recommend. – Helen Crosbie, first-year parent from Borger, TX

Meeting the people in my group and becoming close friends with each one of them, despite us just meeting for the first time and only knew each other in a span of two weeks. – Christine, third-year student from Middleburg, FL

I love my daughter’s experience because I could feel that she was happy and comfortable. She experienced something very different from what she was used to, and it was a beautiful experience. The trip leaders were awesome; Lilia had only good things to say about them. And the fact that they don’t get to use their electronics is a big plus. – Lamia Campillo, first-year parent from Bloomfield Hills, MI

My trip to the Alps was amazing! I had so many highlights but I think my favorite part was when we went rafting and canyoneering. – Mia, first-year student from Beirut, Lebanon

I was impressed by the organization and the quality of the team leaders as much as by the commitment they have toward the children. – Alessandro Nocivelli, first-year parent from Dubai, UAE

I really enjoyed the social interactions: making new friends, helping each other out, teamwork, etc. And all the activities were fun! It was a great summer break away from electronics. – Tinius, first-year student from Englewood, CO

Bold Earth proved to be a safe and fun adventure for Kate with some meaningful interaction mixed in. She enjoyed the homestays and loved the local food. Kate also liked the day-to-day activity level. I appreciated the time her trip leaders took to make sure my daughter was ready for the trip. – Krista Goldenberg, first-year parent from Staunton, VA

I love Bold Earth! This was an awesome trip, not just because of the other students, but also because of the activities and the places we went visited. It was one of my favorite (of six) trips! – Isa, sixth-year student from Tampa, FL

This was our second experience with Bold Earth (we sent our other child last year), and they sure know what they’re doing! Their staff is very well trained in terms of cheery personalities, prompt email responses, organization, and attention to detail. The Bold Earth experience has paved a future of independence, confidence, and courage we wanted for our teens. Thank you so much! – Natalia McPhedran, second-year parent from Ontario, Canada

I loved making new friends and having opportunities to try new things. Taking risks was definitely worth it. – Ansleigh, first-year student from Middleburg, FL

Sverre loved his second Bold Earth trip. Thank you for making these trips so great. It was a lifetime experience he will not soon part with. – Helen De Jong, second-year parent from Norway

My favorite part about the trip was seeing incredible places that I didn’t even know existed. They truly took my breath away. – Noa, first-year student from Scarsdale, NY

I felt comfortable with the program from day one and was always able to reach someone and get my questions answered. My daughter adored her trip leaders; thanks to them, that she had such an amazing and growth-filled experience. – Jenny Joslin, first-year parent from Narbeth, PA

One of my favorite part was the breathtaking sunset at Sequoia National Park. Bold Earth trips will interest you in things you might not have looked twice at previously. They’re very life-changing. – James, second-year student from New Rochelle, NY

Best spent money ever. Jordyn went into the trip with high anxiety and low confidence. She came out of the trip with the knowledge that it is OK to go outside of your comfort zone and believe in yourself. She grew tremendously and has not stopped talking about her experience, the other kids, and her fabulous leaders. Thank you Bold Earth! – Jodi Gershoni, firstyear parent from Rockville, MD

My favorite part about the trip was probably when we went whitewater rafting, because I had never done that before and it was an amazing and thrilling experience! I also really enjoyed our hike to Angels Landing, which was incredible. – Catherine, first-year student from Lebanon

My son Corbin has been able to do three trips with Bold Earth, and I cannot tell you how much this has meant for him and us. We have watched him grow so much from the experiences he has had with you. My hope is that Corbin will be able to join in the future and become a trip leader one summer. – Deborah Lowe, third-year parent from Jacksonville, FL

Surfing was 100 percent my favorite activity on the trip—I learned so much and feel way more confident than I did before. Plus, I met some of my closest friends on this trip! – Tillie, first-year student from Brooklyn, NY

Bold Earth is an excellent, well thought-out program. We felt secure through the process and confident that the organization knew what they were doing. We already have recommended several friends! The program has a high level of excellence and adventure that meets both the expectation from parents and teens. – Jennifer Thomas, first-year parent from Rocklin, CA

My favorite part of this trip was that at every meal, we sat in a circle to include everyone in the conversation. It made our groupbecome closer and bond like a family. Bold Earth allows you to leave the comforts of home and technology. On any trip, you meet strangers who soon become family to you. – Caroline, first-year student from Jacksonville, FL

We cannot thank you enough for this experience. Having done a similar program last summer, I know that Bold Earth is absolutely top-shelf in every way! Avital loved the leaders, the kids, the projects, the vibe… She had the time of her life, and we are truly grateful! We were so impressed by the professionalism, compassion, kindness, and good humor of everyone involved in your program. The kids truly bonded, and that is not always possible to build. Many, many thanks! – Meredith Berkman, first-year parent from New York City, NY

I loved to surf and hang out with the group. I don’t think I can choose just one thing that I loved—Bold Earth is an amazing experience, and I think more people should have the chance to enjoy it. — Halle, first-year student from Centennial, CO

Bold Earth was absolutely wonderful in every way. I would send my child again, and I will highly recommend Bold Earth to everyone. This is one of the best things we have ever done for Gabe, and it was wonderful for us as parents to see Gabe so joyful in this experience. – Edward Grant, first-year parent from Morgan Hill, CA

My favorite part of my trip was being able to connect with other people from around the world and learn new things about myself that I didn’t know before. Bold Earth helped me realize that I am more capable, independent, and self-reliant than I thought. It was a fun, challenging, and enlightening experience! – Nieph, first-year student from Borger, TX

This is our second trip with Bold Earth, and we are extremely satisfied. Our son hopes to do another next summer before embarking on college due to his very positive experiences. This year, we heard such positive comments about his trip leaders; they were positive role models that genuinely cared about the kids. – Heather Berry, second-year parent from Cary, NC

My favorite part about this trip was the connection that this whole group had together, and that we were able to detox from the outside world because we were completely unplugged. I would recommend this trip to any friend because it was unforgettable experience that other people should get to have. – Lilia, first-year student from Bloomfield Hills, MI

My daughter said it was “the best experience of my life.” Not bad from a 15-year-old! I have complete confidence in the trip leaders and felt like my daughter was in great hands while she pushed out of her comfort zone. – Dee Morgenthaler, first-year parent from Castle Rock, CO

I loved whitewater rafting and making new friends. My Bold Earth trip was really great. – JC, first-year student from San Antonio, TX

Bold Earth is an excellent program! Jack had a great time, and he learned a lot. He came back a little more mature, and he definitely gained some perspective. The trip leaders were very nice and easy to communicate with. They seemed mature and confident, which made it easier to send Jack out on his own. Bold Earth is a great way for kids to spend a chunk of their summer—they learn a lot, it’s service-oriented, and they keep busy instead of sitting around the house for weeks. – Maria Haywood, first-year parent from Ellicott City, MD

My favorite part was being able to be myself and make connections with new people that will last forever. – Lyla, first-year student from Paonia, CO

One of the first things Joseph did was thank me for letting him go on the trip. The next night, he wanted to cook a meal for us to show off the cooking skills he learned on the trip—an added bonus I didn’t expect. He gained maturity through the experience. – Kathleen Cash, first-year parent from Muir Beach, CA

I loved surfing and hanging out with my group. It was life-changing and the best 14 days of my life. There was never a dull moment, and I was always busy and having a blast! – Carly, first-year student from Ontario, Canada

From the first phone call with the Bold Earth staff to Audrey coming home, we were very impressed with Bold Earth. Communication with the staff before and during the trip assured us as parents that our daughter was safe. Both trip leaders were wonderful. Audrey felt very supported by them, and we appreciated the regular contact we had with them. Our daughter had a wonderful time, and her confidence grew as a result of the trip. – Pamela Templer, first-year parent from Brookline, MA

I loved everything, especially the zip-lining, hiking through the jungle, and waterfalls. Surfing was also fun! Community service was rewarding and nice. Bold Earth is awesome. You meet new people, discover new things, and learn so much. – Sverre, second-year student from Norway

Our son had a fantastic experience, especially due to the trip leaders and the bonds he made with the other students. The leaders were great role models for Bogdan and were great at guiding the different interests of the group. I’ve already recommended Bold Earth, and we are thinking about next year’s trip! – Ursula Kopij, first-year parent from St. Louis, MO

I had so many favorite parts, like tubing down the river and trying an assortment of new foods. I just loved learning about Costa Rica. It was a lot of fun, and a great experience! – Savannah, first-year student from Jacksonville, FL

Tommy had a fantastic time. The trip leaders were awesome, as were the other teenagers. He said they were the absolute best. Overall, wonderful experiences, excellent communication, he felt safe, and I realized after Tommy returned just how responsible and caring the trip leaders were. – Elizabeth Hall, first-year parent from Creve Coeur, MO

My favorite part of the trip was meeting very interesting and outgoing people who were not afraid to try any new activities! – Jordyn, first-year student from Rockville, MD

Molly had another amazing experience with Bold Earth. She made lifelong friends and gained even more confidence for doing new things. – Melissa Lyons, second-year parent from Nashville, TN

Our trip leaders were great, and the adventures were lots of fun! I enjoyed making new friends and learning about another country. – Harrison, first-year student from Boerne, TX

I loved that kids had no phones! Kyle bonded with those kids in ways that he’s never bonded with anyone. I honestly think that this was because of your no-electronics policy. – Kim Kennedy, first-year parent from Avondale, PA

I loved staying with a host family and getting to know about the Costa Rican culture! The beach days were incredible, and overall all activities and getting to know my group were amazing. – Ines, first-year student from Warsaw, Poland

Bold Earth has fabulous leaders, goes to great locations, and helps students make good friends. The trip leaders were a ton of fun, according to Jillian. They never failed to keep Jillian entertained and were very good listeners. It was the experience of a lifetime to gain independence at such an impressionable age. Jillian said they were always trying new things and getting out of their comfort zone. – JoAnn Lapoint, second-year parent from Kennebunk, ME

Bold Earth is a life-changing experience. My trip was the best two weeks of my life. The lessons I learned were life-changing… Bold Earth has the ability to change anyone’s life for the better. I really enjoyed bonding with the other people in my group. We did everything together, and it was always a good experience. – Josh, first-year student from Quebec, Canada

From the very beginning when I searched online for a program to your phone support all throughout, you were great. Of course, that was nothing compared to the actual trip, the trip leaders, the other kids, the adventures they had together, the friendships they made, the things they saw, the obstacles they all dealt with—ALL of it was more than I was hoping for. Sydney came back to the same house, but she came back a different person—more confident, more sure of herself and what she loves to do, the kind of adventures she wants to have, and the shape her future will take. THANK YOU! – Julie Garrett, first-year parent from Novato, CA

I loved all of the service projects and activities, but my favorite part was my group: We all became really good friends and had tons of fun and laughs together. It was a phenomenal experience, from the people I was with to the activities and service we did. – Kate, first-year student from Charlottesville, VA

My son loved it. It was very inspiring. The way he connected to everyone was wonderful. I could not have hoped for better experience. Asher really enjoyed both his trip leaders. They were inspiring, interesting, and very responsible, and they had the kids engaged the entire trip. It was a life-changing event for my son. – Rachel Hancock, first-year parent from Bala Cynwyd, PA

My favorite part of the trip was going to the school to play, teach, and learn with all the kids. Bold Earth not only allows you to see the world, but make new connections and grow as a person, revealing things about yourself you didn’t know. – Jack, first-year student from Rocklin, CA

The trip leaders were kind and competent and fostered the closeness of the group. We loved the format of the camp: the travelling that lent the spirit of a big adventure; how the kids cooked all the food; and how we received great blog posts and photos. – Sue Miller, first-year parent from Fort Collins, CO

My favorite part about the trip was scuba diving because of the so many beautiful things underwater, including some fish that you can only see in Fiji! It is such a wonderful experience: You get to partake in opportunities that you normally wouldn’t have on your own, like doing a homestay. And you make bonds with people that will last a lifetime. – Maeve, first-year student from Rockville, MD

This was a fantastic experience and opportunity for my daughter. I had hoped she would enjoy it and grow as a result and get another perspective on life, and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. Bold Earth offers brilliant experiences for teenagers looking to stretch their horizons and get out of the day-to-day materialistic world, surrounded by technology. – Stephen Priest, first-year parent from Greenwich, CT

My favorite part about the trip was the Fourth of July. After a day of kayaking and visiting Pirate’s cove, we camped out along the river. It was storming, but the sky was beautiful. While our guides made dinner, the trip leaders started their mid-trip check-ins, and all the students sat together and talked. It was a super fun day and a great bonding experience. – Lauren, first-year student from Denver, CO