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7 Things Teens Love about Costa Rica

  1. Pura Vida!  Many countries claim to host the friendliest citizens, but Costa Rica tops the charts when it comes to warm and welcoming local interactions. Walking down the street, visitors are greeted constantly with calls of “Pura Vida!” Literally translating to Pure Life, the catchall phrase can be used to communicate greeting, thanks, […]

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Trip Leader Spotlight: Lucy B.

This Trip Leader Spotlight series is our opportunity to catch up with some of our favorite humans and hear about the lives they lead outside of Bold Earth. I chatted with trip leader Lucy B. to find out what she’s been up since leading the Ecuador Galapagos adventure with co-leader Nick. She spoke with me […]

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10 Benefits of Camping for Teens

Many of us are aware that getting outside is good for us. At the mention of fresh air and sunlight, our hunched shoulders relax from the tension of typing on laptop keyboards. We listen to rain sounds to sleep at night and change our screensavers to woodland groves. We have potted plants that keep us […]

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Arches National Park Adventures

Curious about what life is like on Bold Earth’s teen travel programs? Sophie, a summer camper on one of our trips, submits an exciting blog entry about her experience at Arches National Park!  Starting the day with an early 5:00 am wakeup, Dillon, Max, Logan, Don, Jackson, Lindsey, Mariana, and Alexandra, led by Sara, went […]

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Going On a Teen Camping Trip: 10 Things You Should Pack

Sending your suddenly grown-up son or daughter on a teen camping trip is simultaneously exhilarating and overwhelming. It doesn’t matter how much you plan. Every minute detail can prove all-consuming for parents. Camping and other outdoor trips for teens are some of the most adventurous activities for individuals at this age. Everyone remembers their first […]

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And then it rained…

Well, I’m not sure if it actually did. But unless you’re on our Grand Canyon trip, it’s bound to rain at least once, right? This may sound odd, but we really like a day of rain on our trips. It doesn’t have to rain – maybe it’s wind or mud. It could be a logistical […]

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