During the Summer

In case of emergencies and important contact information

The summer office hours are 8:30–5:30 EDT Monday through Friday (though we are often in the office earlier and later than this). However, someone is always on-call for after-hours emergencies. Please refer to the parent handbook for our emergencies and after-hours phone numbers. Please use this for extremely time-sensitive situations, such as canceled flights or family emergencies, and please use discretion when calling this line. If your student’s trip begins or ends on a weekend, the office is open and happy to assist with travel.

Trip blogs

Each Bold Earth adventure has a unique trip blog where we post information about that specific trip. In May, we will begin to post information, including trip leader biographies (although instructors are always subject to change). During the trip, we will post occasional updates with photos. We will email you a link to your student’s specific Treks Checks blog in June. All parents will be automatically subscribed to receive the email updates from our trip blogs.

Due to the nature of our trips, there are limitations regarding the frequency of the updates and the number and quality of photographs. When groups are engaged in multi-day activities and out of cell phone service, such as trekking, trip updates are not available. There is often no cell service at various trip locations, which impedes the information we are able to receive. Our goal is to regularly update parents about trip highlights. Expect four to five updates from your student’s trip.

Contact from your student on the trip

You will receive two to three phone calls from your student during the trip. Unfortunately, we can’t predict exactly when those calls will happen. Often, plans and logistics change without notice. However, we try to make sure your student leaves a message, and, if possible, give him or her an opportunity to call back later.

When parents miss their student’s phone call, they often call the Bold Earth office. Please know that the office is often not able to reach the trip leaders or your student immediately. We understand this can be frustrating, but phone calls are typically made when the group passes briefly through cell phone service. We will do our best to make sure you connect with your student at the next possible time that fits in our busy schedule.