Meet Our Trip Leaders

Parents, we want you to breathe easy when you send your teenagers to Bold Earth. Our trip leaders are professional adventurous educators, united by a firm belief that safety always comes first (fun is a very close second). In addition to years of leading trips with youth in the outdoors, our staff have, at minimum, medical certifications of wilderness first responder and CPR; all senior staff (at least one on each trip) have lifeguard certifications. Many of our trip leaders are former Bold Earth students!

2018 staff at a glance
  • Minimum age is 21
  • Average age is 26
  • 95 percent have a bachelor’s degree, with numerous staff holding additional degrees
  • Average tenure is 3.5 years, but many have been with Bold Earth up to 10 years
  • Our hiring process includes at least three interviews, three reference checks, and a complete background check
  • Our instructor return rate exceeds 60 percent every year