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Tyson Hale

Senior trip leader

Tyson is joining Bold Earth for his 14th year as a trip leader. He was born in California but moved to the Rockies at a young age; there, he developed a passion for the outdoors. He has worked in Hawaii in an after-school program; at his alma mater, Utah Valley University (where he received a bachelor’s degree in outdoor leadership), as an outdoor recreation leader; in Alaska with a glacier guiding company; and in California as a snowboard instructor. Tyson’s Bold Earth tenure has led him to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Alaska, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Thailand, Africa, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Tyson is a wilderness first responder and lifeguard and is excited to return to Bold Earth for his 13th year!

  • What was the last big trip you took? Historically, my birthdays have been a little on the boring side… but not this year! I decided to lean into new territory and celebrate. Some good friends and I woke up early, put on costumes (I was in a bear onesie), and hiked to the top of a mountain where we danced, ate cake, and skied down.
  • What excites you the most about working for BE this summer? I can’t have one thing here.  First, I love how Bold Earth puts you in the present moment.  Your attention is 100% on that days activity with the community we create.  I also love being apart of the growth that the campers and I experience, we all learn new things about ourselves and it’s amazing to have those new perspective.  They can be life changing. Last, this might sound a little corny but Bold Earth feel like a family and running a trip or two in the summer is a special time of the year.
  • Favorite quote: “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” – Jesse Jackson