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Arrive: Quito, Ecuador (UIO)
Depart: Lima, Peru (LIM)

The ancient ruins of Peru and Ecuador await our exploration! We’ll start with a thrilling day of whitewater rafting down the Río Jatunyacu before exploring some of Ecuador’s most scenic volcanoes. We’ll celebrate our hard work of hiking with soaks in hot springs, and then spend time in the Sacred Valley of the Incas working with weaving artists and potters. A three-day trek from Lares will take us up and over high mountain passes, depositing us at the base of Machu Picchu. We’ll wrap up our trip with a sunset tour of the world’s most famous ancient city!

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Whitewater raft the Río Jatunyacu

Our first few days will be spent exploring Tena, a bustling town that sits at the edge of the Andes Mountains, which are home to the world’s highest peaks outside of Asia. We’ll spend one of our days whitewater rafting the impressive Río Jatunyacu, whose crystal-clear waters offer inhibited views of the river bottom. Surrounded by vibrantly green jungle, Jatunyacu means “big water” in the Quechuan language, and the consistent class III wave trains do not disappoint!

Hike around Baños de Agua Santa

Baños, as it’s commonly known, is the gateway to the Ecuadorian Amazon and our home for the next four days. This adventurous metropolis is the jumping off point for exploring the remote Llanganates National Park. Some 60 waterfalls inhabit Baños’ surrounding area, and we will get to explore many of them, even some of the “hidden” cascades! We’ll hike around the 16,480-foot Tungurahua (meaning “throat of fire”) volcano and spend the night camping under a star-filled sky. We’ll take another day to soak in the hot springs for which Baños is named; the town’s mineral-rich thermal baths are known for their healing properties.

Explore and mountain bike Parque Nacional Cotopaxi

For two days, we’ll explore Parque Nacional Cotopaxi, home to the 19,347-foot stratovolcano. One day we’ll get to hike around Ecuador’s second-highest volcano, which is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and has a picture-perfect conical peak. As an active peak, you’ll notice the presence of fumaroles and an aroma of sulphur. Though we won’t be taking the technical, snow- and ice-filled route to the summit, we’ll still enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding peaks. Another day, we’ll circumnavigate the mountain via mountain bike!

Visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas

After our adventures in Ecuador, we’ll fly south to Peru to explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Cusco. Highly prized for its rich agricultural lands, the Sacred Valley’s scenery is unlike anything you’ve seen before. We’ll engage in local culture by visiting a women’s weaving co-op and pottery-making community. A detour to Ollantaytambo will bring us to beautifully preserved Incan ruins known as the Fortress; build in the 15th century, the terraces making up the Fortress were once used for farming and irrigation and later as the site of a major battle.

Complete the Lares Trek

The Lares Trek is a gorgeous, secluded three-day hike starting from the foothills of Sicllaccasa Mountain; we’ll reach its high point, Pachacutec Pass (15,583 feet) the second day and enjoy unending views of high-altitude lakes and surrounding peaks, including Pitusiray (16,375 feet), Sahuasiray (19,088 feet), and Chicón (18,140 feet). We’ll be sure to leave an offering of coca leaves to the Andean gods before descending. The hot springs of Aguas Calientes await a much-deserved soak after our trek!

Hike Machu Picchu at sunrise

A trip to Peru would not be complete without visiting Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. We’ll arrive to the 15th-century citadel at sunrise to watch the light streaming through the morning mists rising from the river below. Explore the ancient city’s unique formations, like the Intihuatana stone and Sun Gate; the architecture has puzzled researchers since its discovery just over a century ago. Revel in the scenery, like the iconic Huayna Picchu that rises sharply to the north of the city, before we head back down to Aguas Calientes to celebrate our 16-day Ecuador Peru adventure.

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Meredith Berkman, parent from New York, NY

We cannot thank you enough for this experience. Having done another similar program last summer, I know that yours is absolutely top-shelf, as it were, in every way! Avital loved the leaders, the kids, the projects, the vibe… She had the time of her life, and we are truly grateful! We were so impressed by the professionalism, compassion,
kindness and good humor of everyone involved in your program. The kids truly bonded, and Bold Earth is so well-run and the trips are so carefully crafted with the kids’ best interests and happiness in mind. Many, many thanks!

Saskia, student from New York, NY

I really liked the group dynamic and the wide range of activities. The trip leaders were great. They understand me!

Garrett, student from Los Angeles, CA

I loved all aspects of my Bold Earth experience. My trip leaders, the hikes we took, and the friends I made on my Ecuador trip will always be special in my mind. I want to do another trip as soon as possible!

Amanda, student from Los Gatos, CA

Peru was amazing. We had such a good group of campers and leaders. We had fun together at every moment and got to see so many new sights!

Bailey, student from Tustin, CA

had the time of my life on this! Everything was successful. The group of kids and trip leaders were amazing! I never would have thought that the people on the trip would end up being the main part, but they did, and it was great. I loved getting the chance to see so many different parts of the country and to really spend time getting to know local people as well.