Another Day of Rafting

01 Jul, 2019

Today, Spencer and Joey started their day at 3 a.m. when they had to put the rain fly on their tent! Atreyu decided to switch tents for the additional room (and better smell). Harrison and Ethan trudged out of bed last, groggy from the night’s sleep! After an evening and morning of fighting off mosquitoes and a French toast breakfast, we set sail on our second day of rafting. Jasper showed off his skills again in the small raft while Alana and Lauren got in the ducky together and Weston chilled in the gear raft! Lunchtime consisted of chicken salad sammies and chips and fruit. After lunch we docked on a beautiful beach site and proceeded to play mafia and bocce ball and other games. Casey and Hannah led us on a river canyon hike with beautiful views at the end. Sully took model pictures while Taylor tracked a baby deer, and Ethan snapped cool shots of “Professor Valley.” For dinner we had beans, chicken, and mac and cheese! Good day,

good night.

– Joey, Spencer, and Ethan



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