Last Day of Rafting

02 Jul, 2019

Update by students Alana, Lauren, Weston, and Atreyu: This morning, Alana, Taylor, and Lauren woke up at 6 a.m., packed their tent and dipped their feet in the water before the sun was fully risen. Joey has some morning chilling in the hammock, and then we had a big safety brief from our guide Sedona after a nice breakfast sandwich. The heat made the cold water feel incredible. Rapids put a smile on Spencer’s face, as he was excited to hit some waves on the river. The rapids were very exciting, and Jasper and Ethan went through them on the tiny raft! Atreyu picked up some new Canadian slang from Weston and used it frequently. Sully snuck up on Casey and pulled him out of a raft into the cold, cold water. Hannah laughed and pointed. We camped for lunch and ate some Thai peanut chicken wraps with chips and fruit. Harrison skipped more rocks while he ate. After we got off the river, we did a quick grocery shop and got a Mexican food dinner! Sully proved he is a master ninja and serious competitor. We arrived at an incredible campsite in Arches National Park and bouldered and sightsaw as the sun set over the red rock formations. This has been the best night so far.


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