Making Our Way from Utah back to Colorado

03 Jul, 2019

Update from students Harrison, Alana, Weston: Due to a late night spent stargazing, we slept in until 7:45 a.m. After a breakfast of fresh fruit and muffins, we gathered to play sardines. As the leader of the day Joey kicked off the game choosing an excellent hiding spot in a crevasse. While it took a good minute to find him, Harrison was the undisputed champion. After 30 long minutes of searching, half the group was forced to give up. After the long walk back to the campsite, we quickly gathered our supplies and headed into town. Pockets full of money, we split into groups and set out for Moab’s Main Street for a much-needed afternoon of shopping. Atreyu and Weston found a lovely Italian restaurant, at which they stuffed themselves with pizza and pasta. Alana and Taylor found a custom t shirt shop and bought souvenirs for themselves and their families. Lauren and Spencer splurged on some delicious gelato. After a full day on the town we hit the road once again headed back to Colorado; however, before leaving Utah we stopped at a large sand dune. Jasper excitedly raced up the hill while Ethan chose to jam out to music in the van and escape the heat. We made it to our campsite for the night and had showers and a wonderfully cooked asparagus, mashed potato, pork dinner made by Lauren, Joey and Ethan. Tomorrow we mountain bike!


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