4th of July and Two Biking Days

05 Jul, 2019

Biking day 1

Update by Spencer and Joey: Joey and Sully were the first to wake up and admire the morning rays of sunshine. All of us ate bagels with cream cheese, something we’ve grown accustomed to on this trip. We headed over to Fruita to meet our guide Jody and get fitted for our fancy mountain bikes! Hannah led a game of secret signs, and once we were all done we headed to Grand Mesa. Our camping site was awesome and near the bike trails, and Harrison was excited to set up his hammock. We warmed up playing some biking games like “slow race” and “foot down” and Ethan showed off some skills. Atreyu and Alana ran into each other during “foot down” and caused nearly four people to get out! A few minutes later Casey and Jody led us out on a 12-mile bike ride. During the bike ride the group was tested by the high elevation air and the uphill parts of the road. Spencer was tired but still showed his constant excitement for the activity. Taylor showed how tough she was despite her knee brace, and Lauren impressed everyone with her determination to get up the hills. Ethan took enough beautiful photos for everyone in the group including some model shots of Weston! For dinner we hung out at our lakeside campsite and made burgers, hot dogs, vegetables and mac and cheese!

Biking Day 2

Update by Lauren, Alana, and Taylor: This morning, the breakfast crew (Alana, Weston, and Harrison) whipped up some yogurt parfaits along with English muffins, peanut butter, and fruit. After our lovely breakfast, we embarked on our second mountain bike adventure! At the beginning of the ride, Spencer took a dip in an icy green lake. We continued our journey where Harrison, Joey, and Sully raced to the top of a steep hill, and Joey and Sully tied. Ethan documented the spectacular scenery with his camera. The hills were pretty steep, and by the time we got to the end of the trail everyone was stoked for the downhill ride. Lauren and Taylor sped down the trail together trying to avoid rocks and trees, luckily succeeding! After the bike hike we departed our campsite on a five-hour drive to Buena Vista. Hannah was beyond excited about the Melanzanah store we passed in Leadville, and after a grocery shop we finally got to our campsite around 7 p.m. Once we arrived Casey, Sully, and Weston helped make a grand breakfast for dinner for the 4th of July! We danced while the food cooked, and Hannah and Sully gave us a spectacular improv dance party which included a Costco shopping experience. We cleaned the dishes underneath fireworks and went to bed!


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