Rock Climbing Update

07 Jul, 2019

Update by Harrison, Lauren, Ethan, and Spencer: This morning, the breakfast crew woke up early in order to prepare an array of fruit and egg and bacon muffins. Alana was in charge of the eggs while Harrison worked on the bacon and English muffins. After breakfast was cleaned up, the group headed over to meet with our climbing guides for a safety briefing and gear fitting. After a short 15-minute ride to the climbing area, we hopped out of the van and Spencer started petting a gorgeous Great Pyrenees dog. Before we got to the granite face, we were met with an arduous uphill hike, upon which Ethan snapped a number of National Geographic–worthy shots. O

Once we arrived at the cliff, we learned about the harnesses and different knots and climbing terms, and soon after Weston began expertly scaling the wall, leaving everyone in the dust. Though it was only Lauren’s first time climbing, she managed to scale the hardest route with ease. Joey used his long limbs to effortlessly work his way up every line. Taylor conquered her fear of heights with the support of Hannah and the group. Tired and sore we piled back in the van and headed to the laundromat. After dinner, Casey and Sully and Hannah surprised us with a drive-in movie! Men in Black International didn’t get great reviews from the group,

but was an awesome experience nevertheless!


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