Community Service Day!

09 Jul, 2019

Update written by student Ethan, Joey, and Alana: This morning we awoke at a grueling 5:30 a.m. The sweet sweet smell of bagels, peanut butter and fruit graced our noses for what seems like the 20th time this trip. Spencer loved it. After this we traveled to La Plata Peak to commence our community service project, trail maintenance. All of us found the 3 hour trek exhausting. Joey had no problem at the hike with his long stature. At the site we split into teams to move massive logs and create an erosion control system. Lauren, Taylor, Sully and Casey chose to move one big log a very long way while Hannah, Weston, Harrison and Ethan chose to move several logs smaller distances, riveting. Both teams were successful in their goals. After this rather arduous excursion we drove for what seemed like forever to a Safeway store for our final grocery shop. Casey, Sully, and Hannah surprised us with pizza for dinner and then we played a few games in the parking lot. At last we embarked to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a long, but great day!


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