Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

11 Jul, 2019

RMNP Day 1

Update by Joey and Weston: Our day started a little later than previous days. Weston, Joey, and Lauren cooked a wonderful breakfast of egg mcmuffins with sausage, eggs, and cheese. Weston showed everyone a Canadian delicacy of maple syrup and coffee. After breakfast we played a game of 31 taught by Harrison. During our rounds of 31, Spencer was the clear winner. Joey had the idea of betting rocks, and Lauren lost hers very quickly.

We then headed to a hike; the trailhead was beautiful! We started our hike upward to the different lake views. Casey snapped photos of everyone; Alana was slowed by her knee but persevered and pushed forward. Ethan forget his camera and though he regretted it, learned to snap “memory shots.” Once we got back to camp, Sully showed everyone how to cook tofu and how to drop/ruin vegetables. Hannah got very involved in a Game of Thrones book. The team made a fire, and Taylor learned how to baton wood!

RMNP Day 2

Update by Harrison and Taylor: We started the day with croissants and jam. After we ate our fill, we set off for our hike to Loch Vale! Casey and Sully began our day with a freestyle rap in the van. As we started our hike, Alana led the way past beautiful waterfalls and trees. Ethan made sure to photographically document the hike along the way. Right before we reached the lake, Lauren assisted the group in a snowball ambush on the snowbank. When we got to the lake, we gathered for a nutritious meal of chicken wraps; Taylor enjoyed the gorgeous view as she chomped down hers. After lunch, Harrison found the perfect nook for reading. Weston and Joey went bouldering over the lake and got some incredible GoPro footage. Spencer attempted to catch fish bare-handed while the rest of us rested. When we got back to camp, we enjoyed some free time and a lovely meal filled with laughter and ridiculous accents. Our last day of activity was a great success!


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