Final Blog!

13 Jul, 2019

The final stretch of the trip started bright and early with sausage, bacon, and egg sandwiches. Weston nearly slept through breakfast. However, he was in good company, as Ethan continued his streak of late morning slumber. By 9:30 am we were off towards Denver. Hannah revealed her true nature during the car ride, expressing her inner grandma. We all learned she has the hearing levels of an 87 year old (constantly battling with Sully and Casey to properly adjust the radio volume). At Cherry Creek campground, the crew proudly showed off their competitive spirits during ‘olympics.’ Taylor and Harrison led the charge on this front. Fun, sweat, and tears were shed over ‘chubby bunny,’ egg toss, ‘candy drop,’ and ‘American Idol.’ Lauren maintained her kind and gentle demeanor throughout the competition, yet there were shimmers of fire in her eyes. Post-Olympic games, the van, trailer, and gear were all cleaned, and we were off to dinner. Alana was incredibly helpful in cleaning the van/gear. At dinner, Spencer demonstrated the often not-found ability to struggle eating noodles, but his wonderful smile and cherry attitude made it all so entertaining. Nightly meeting was a hit, the hatting ceremony added a unique and appreciated spark to our daily routine. It was wonderful to see every student open up especially Joey. The night ended early, preparing us for a big airport day ahead!

Thank you all for such an amazing trip. We had a blast battling white water, climbing high at the crag, mountain biking, and hanging out in all the scenic spots we found.

This trip was surely one to remember and you all made it possible. We are super stoked to keep in touch with you and see where you next adventure brings you!

-Sully, Hannah, Casey


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