Community Service in Monteverde

03 Jul, 2019

Update from Jono: We started off the day with a wake up at 6:30 a.m. and then had an amazing breakfast made by our mama Tica. We then got packed and headed out the door to the house we are helping with.

We broke off into groups and started working. Chris, Yonas, Kau’i, and I started off by working together to move a big table that was in the way. Then our team started painting one side of the house a nice green color. Erik started on the other side and we met in the middle to complete the wall. Lavar and Caroline were painting one window while Brooklyn and Bella were working on another window, and trying not to get too distracted by puppies.

After a morning of hard work, Giovanni, our driver, brought us lunch which consisted of rice and beans and homemade doughnuts for dessert! After lunch, we got back to work and finished strong.

We then went back to our families for a break and to get ready for the evening activities. We got back together at the mini soccer field and played some games led by Chris and Tessa until it was time to go on the night hike.

We drove 45 minutes away to where we were going to do the night hike. The drive went by quickly because we were all chatting. For the night hike, we walked through the forest and saw amazing animals. We saw vipers, tree frogs, spiders, and birds. It was rainy and humid,

which made it even better. The tour ended and we headed home on the bus. On the ride, we did our evening meeting and discussed changes we want to see happen in the world. We reached home and had dinner.


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