Second Day of Service and Ziplining

04 Jul, 2019

¡Buenos dias amigos! Mi nombre es Lavar. Today I woke up to a beautiful Costa Rican sunrise with a vigorous cold breeze from the Monteverde Cloud Forest mountains. I started off the day by waking up my roommates Jono and Yonas. Our mama Tica made us delicious Costa Rican breakfast of gallo pinto with soft, buttery, warm toast with a side of mouth-watering mangos and bananas sweeter than sugar. To wash down all the muy delicioso food, mama Tica gave us orange juice fresh from the garden and coffee which is locally grown.

After our amazing desayuno, Yonas, Jono, and I made our way down to the meeting point to meet up with the rest of the group so we could head over over to the house we were working in. Our goal for the day was to finish painting the inside of the new house of the most loving and humble family I’ve ever met.

As we broke into groups to tackle the inside of the house and finish the outside. Bella and I were in charge of detailing the windows and window seals. Jono and Kau’i were in charge of smoothing down cement on the outside of the house. Brooklyn and Caroline were in charge of using the rollers to paint the huge walls. Tessa was our amazing DJ who kept our spirits up. In all my years of doing community service and giving back to the communities, I’ve never seen a more productive and positive teams. I’m so glad I met every single person on this Bold Earth experience.

After we finished painting the house, it turned out beautifully. We painted the outside a nice dark green which blends in with the surrounding forest. We painted the smooth cement a warm brown color. On the inside we painted the wall a vibrant bright blue color, which made the room really POP! Minor, the owner of the house, brought us a delicious lunch of rice and beans, fried plantains that were so sweet, beef patties that were bursting with flavor. And for dessert, our leader Erik brought us plantains, which are sweet bananas coated in brown sugar, served nice and hot with lots of love.

After lunch, Minor gave us a heart-warming speech thanking us for helping him and his family and how thankful they were. I was very grateful for them for being brave for moving out of the city of San Jose to the countryside. I am also thankful to them for welcoming us to help out, giving us the experience to appreciate the value of what we have.

After we said our goodbyes, Eric brought us to an amazing hike to his favorite tree in Costa Rica. The tree was about 20 feet tall and hollow on the inside. We were able to go inside the tree and climb up the natural staircase made by the vines. Chris was the first to climb up, and therefore the first in to get stuck coming down.

After our tree adventures, we started to make our way to Sky Adventures. I was kind of skeptical because I am scared of heights. We geared up with our helmets and safety harnesses and were briefed with safety protocol. We then proceeded to our first of seven zip lines. Chris went first, followed by Yonas and Jono then me. As I went the wind was cold and blowing the rain in my face, but it quickly made up for it for the mesmerizing once in a lifetime view of the whole island and more. After ziplining we had to get down somehow from 2,832 feet in the air, so what better way to get down than rappelling down like James Bond? I was really stepping out of my comfort zone with the bungee jumping. My heart dropped when I left the platform, and when I landed my heart took a while to catch up but it was a great adrenaline rush.

After a great day, Jono, Yonas, and I headed back to our host family, and our mama Tica made us hot tamales with rice and beans with freshly squeezed lemonade. Today was a experience I’ll never forget. Thanks Bold Earth! And great special thanks to my mom for giving me to the opportunity to be here… love you, Mom!


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