Celebrating the 4th of July!

05 Jul, 2019

Update from Tessa & Chris: This afternoon (12-2 p.m. Costa Rican time) and evening (5-7 p.m. Costa Rican time) we will be making calls home. Please try to download / be available on WhatsApp (or Skype), as it will be our main source for calls. We are looking forward to speaking with you, as are your children! Thank you!

Update from Brooklyn: ¡Hola! Today we woke up to our last breakfast with our homestay families! Bella and I woke up at 7:45 a.m. to the smell of eggs, rice, beans, and fresh watermelon. We then enjoyed our meal with our Costa Rican sister and niece as we said our goodbyes. After each group said farewell to their families, we all gathered at the van. With all of the girls arriving first, Caroline, Kau’i, Bella, and I all celebrated the 4th of July by jamming out to “Party in the USA.”

After we were all in the van, we shared our experiences by comparing and contrasting our homestay with our usual life. We were surprised by some of the similarities as well as how different our customs are. After we shared our experiences, we played a game of “Got It” to occupy us on our long drive to El Rincón del Vieja.

As our commute reached an end, we arrived at a food truck area where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Jono and I ate pork tacos, while other meals varied from pizza, to chicken wraps, to salads. It was a pleasant break from rice and beans.

From lunch we headed to our hotel, where we checked in and made our way to the hot springs. The first pool was soothing, but some pools were up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. While in the hot pools, Yonas and Chris competed to see who could handle the heat longest, while Lavar and Joni swam around each pool and splashed around us. Tessa, Bella, and Kau’i relaxed and enjoyed the temperature while Caroline and I were entertained by taking artsy pictures.

Later we enjoyed a buffet dinner at our hotel and tried new fruits, an unknown strawberry flavored dessert, and Jono ate a lot of bread. After dinner, we got decked out in red white and blue glow sticks and had our evening meeting and prepared for our exciting day of tubing to come! HAPPY FOURTH!

Ps- I love you Hall fam. I’m safe, having fun, and I’ll see you on the 12th!


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