Tubing and Waterfalls

06 Jul, 2019

Update by Caroline: We woke up to the sound of birds chirping and quickly got ready. We went to breakfast and Jono had all the pancakes he’s been dreaming about. We all put on our swimsuits and a ton of sunscreen to prepare for tubing. On the bus, I braided Tessa’s and Brooklyn’s hair. We got to the river and suited up with helmets and life vests. Tessa put on her GoPro to get some awesome pictures. Kau’i bravely lead the way into the cold water with a dunk of water on the head. Lavar screamed with excitement as we bounced down the river through the rapids. Bella and I got stuck a few times but the guides pushed us back to the main flow. Erick challenged us all to stand on our tubes and “surf” through the calm water. The whole experience was super fun!

We drove back to the resort and went to lunch where we enjoyed rice, chicken, and honey pineapple. After lunch we were able to call home and talk to our parents. We did some mid-trip evaluations to provide feedback for the leaders and then got ready for a hike. Erick led the way to the waterfall. Chris scouted the pool below and gave us the OK to jump off the rock. We had a cannonball competition and Yonas and Jono tied. Once we got back we had some nice time to chill before a short hike. We walked up to a beautiful lookout and tried to take funny panoramas. We played a nice game to gauge how everyone’s trip is going while we took in the sunset. We played some mafia and had a great dinner with some great conversation. We had an awesome evening meeting with our first hat ceremony. Brooklyn was the first hat recipient! We completed the ceremony by sharing ou

r favorite moments with Brooklyn and then had a big group cinnamon roll. Another wonderful day in Costa Rica!


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