A Hiking and Driving Day

07 Jul, 2019

Update by Bella: We stared off today by waking up at 7:30 a.m. It was or last morning at the resort at Rincón de la Vieja. Tessa came around knocking on our doors to wake us up, but after it was clear that some of us (Kau’i and I) were not planning on getting up, Lavar came in to jump on our beds to basically force us awake. By 8 we had our bags packed in the van, then went to enjoy our last buffett breakfast.

We hit the road at 8:30, driving for around 10 minutes to get to Rincón de la Vieja National Park. When we got there, we looked over a model of the park as well their collection of mummified reptiles, mostly snakes, in jars. Eric led our hike around the park, pointing out plants and animals for us to see. Jono stopped to take lots of pictures. We stopped at several different points to look at the areas of the park where the sulfur came from. Brooklyn posed for pictures in front of the erupting clouds of gas with her newly earned Bold Earth hat.

Once we finished the hike, we stopped for a snack break and changed into our bathing suits, then continued on to the Oropéndola waterfall for a swim. Once there, Chris went in first to scout out the crystal clear water, and then gave us the go-ahead that it was safe to swim. The water was ice-cold, and we all climbed up onto the rocks by the waterfall where it was warm. Caroline and Yonas led the way with some some epic poses when Eric took the camera out.

We finished there around noon, then got in the van and drove to a food court in Liberia for lunch. We ate then spent too much time in the gift shop. We continued on in our journey on our way to the supermarket, where we had a whole debate on what to make for dinner. We settled on tacos. We bought ingredients and dropped them off at our kitchen area for the next few days, then headed to Guanacaste Lodge, where we’ll be staying for the next three nights right by the coast. Once we arrived, we took about an hour of chill time, in which we played a heated game of spoons and went swimming in the pool.

At 5:50 p.m., we got back in the van and headed to our kitchen space, and thus began the creation of our delicious taco dinner. At dinner, Chris and Tessa challenged us to eat like dinosaurs. We ended the meal by rewarding Giovanni with a Bold Earth hat. We played a game of mafia while the dishes were in the dishwasher.

We came back to our hotel and had or nightly meeting. Caroline was giving a Bold Earth hat, and I passed on the Leader of the Day Role to Kau’i. Tomorrow will be our first day of surfing.


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