Surfing and Sunsets

08 Jul, 2019

Update from student Kau’i : I awoke to what felt like an iceberg in the room. Me and Brooklyn did a great job of keeping our room cool throughout the night. I started my morning with some yoga outside as Chris did laps across the pool like Michael Phelps. All of us ate a scrumptious breakfast before we set out for our exciting day. We jammed out to the some tunes on the way to the beach. We split up into two groups which consisted of me, Lavar, Brooklyn, and Bella. The other group was Jono, Yonas, Caroline, and Tessa. Lavar caught his first waves after a repetition of wiping out. Bella and Brooklyn shredded the gnar and stood up after just a few minutes. Yonas and Jono came around occasionally to show off their fantastic skills. Caroline, being experienced, started right off the bat. Tessa was our personal paparazzi and took splendid pictures of all of us. With surfing as one of my favorite activities, I thought the whole morning was fire. When the surfing lesson concluded Chris gave us the good news about how the US women’s soccer team won the World Cup! We ate lunch on the beach while taking in the breathtaking views. Next, Jono, Lavar, Brooklyn, Yonas, Caroline, and Tessa took a quick beauty rest in the way back to the hotel. However, me, Bella, Chris, and Erick were still pretty lively with a plethora of energy and we danced to some music. We had a few moments of chill time before heading to another beach to go swimming. On the way we stopped for some delicious ice cream at a secret place Erick knew about. At the beach, everyone went into the water and played around, body surfing, floating, and tumbling about in the waves as Tessa and Chris took turns lifeguarding. We stayed in the water until sunset then ran out to grab our cameras to capture the beautiful sky. Tessa, Erick, and Geovanni surprised us with a delicious pizza dinner that we made over a campfire right there on the beach. We had a great evening meeting under the stars to close out one of the best days yet.


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