Surfing and Snorkeling!

09 Jul, 2019

Update by students Yonas and Caroline: We woke up to a rainy Monday morning at 7. We ate breakfast and prepared for a day full of surfing and snorkeling. Once we reached Tamerindo beach, we met up with our instructors, Sebastian, Frank, and Axel and got on our boards. Kau’i made a goal to catch every wave! Then we began to surf and right away Lavar and Joni demonstrated their expertise in surfing by riding the waves to shore. Yonas soon was catching waves as well. By the end of the surf session, everyone was riding waves all the way to the shore. After a full morning of surfing, we headed back to the shop to buy our pictures. As we shuffled through our pictures, we were able to see just how photogenic Bella was while on the board. After some of us bought pictures, we headed to lunch to have either a checking, cheese, or mushroom burger. The food was amazing and we were all satisfied. After lunch, we jumped back in the bus and headed to a snorkeling place. We got our gear and brought it back to the boat. Our captain brought us out to a spot to snorkel. Brooklyn brought out her GoPro to capture pictures of all the fish. There was a lot of turbidity so it as hard to see. We all made friends with one of our guide, Thomas, who was from France. When we got back to shore, Caroline and Yonas wrote up a grocery shopping list and we headed to the grocery store to pick up ingredients to make spring rolls. With Erik and Tessa leading team spring rolls, Chris and team dessert spearheaded the dessert plans. We had a little rest time back at the hotel and we all watched a movie in Spanish together. Then we went to the kitchen to make dinner. Erik showed us how to expertly roll the ingredients in the rice paper. We had an awesome dessert, cookies with dulce de leche. For evening meeting, we split up into two evening meetings, one with the boys and the other with the girls. To end the night we all got back together and celebrated Lavar earning his Bold Earth hat!


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