Another Surf Day!

10 Jul, 2019

Update by students Brooklyn and Lavar: This morning we woke up at 7 a.m. to tackle our third day of surfing. We all shredded the gnar and were able to catch many waves. Lavar and Brooklyn raced to see who was the best surfer. (He wiped out when we made it to the shore, so back alley, I won.) Caroline was recognized by the instructor for her sick skills, while Bella flawlessly surfed with her model like smile. We all took our turns riding waves into the sand and each of us had our fair share of wipeouts. After surfing we made our way to the van with our salty bodies in a rush back to our hotel, to take us back to La Dehesa (our hostel in Heredia). We had quesadillas and Happy received food from anyone who was full. After lunch we kept ourselves occupied during our four hour drive by playing pranks on Joni, trying to talk our leaders into taking us to see spider man, and serious jamming sessions. When we arrived at La Dehesa, we washed our hands and prepared to make el desayuno for dinner. Brooklyn, Kau’i and Lavar were in charge of cooking the vegan and regular sausage. Jono, Jonas, and Tessa made the fluffier pancakes. After breakfast for dinner, we had our nightly meeting and ended a beautiful day.

P.S. Love you mom! – Brooklyn


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