Day One of the Rio Pacuare

11 Jul, 2019

Update by Bella: I’m currently writing from a lodge in the middle of the jungle somewhere (still in Costa Rica, I hope) after a filling day of driving and rafting; but I’ll start from the beginning. We woke up this morning at 5 a.m., back at our first hostel (La Dehesa) in Heredia, shoved all our duffel bags into Erick’s room, and with our overnight packs piled into a different van than usual—supplied by our rafting company—and headed to their headquarters. Our drive was supposed to take 2.5 hours but due to traffic it took around 3. No one was complaining though as the views we saw along the way were breathtaking. Kau’i and Caroline stayed up talking for the whole ride while the rest of us decided to nap

After our guides explained the plan when we arrived we had breakfast, the usual of gallo pinto and an array of fresh fruit. Once we were done we changed into bathing suits, listened to a safety talk, and got back in the van to drive to the Pacuare River. At the river we split into two rafting teams, team Snickerdoodle/Honey Boo Boo (me, Brooklyn, Tessa, Yonas, Lavar, and Erick) and team Blue (Jono, Kau’i, Caroline and Chris).

We bounced through class I and II rapids for around an hour and a half, with a stop at a little cascades hike and lunch along the way. Jono led the way into the water and we all followed for a 30-minute swim while the guides set up sandwiches for lunch. We ate lunch together circled around a little pond filled with tadpoles. After lunch we rafted to the eco-lodge, helped get the rafts out of the river, and then took a short hike to check out the waterfalls around the area. When we were tired of swimming, we returned to our rooms and had an hour to get changed. We ended up playing games together in the patio by the river in which Chris gave us Swedish fish as prizes. Afterwards we played several games of mafia, then had a delicious dinner of grilled fish, mashed potatoes, and veggies, and bananas cooked in honey for dessert. We finished off the evening with a meeting by the river. Kau’i and I each had our hat ceremonies! It was the perfect way to end a great day.

Trip leader note: Just wanted to remind you that we will be calling you all tomorrow morning just before we send your student through security. Depending on your time zone it may be quite early—sorry for the wake up!


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