Final Blog

12 Jul, 2019

Hey friends and family, Tessa and Chris here with the final blog.

What a contrast. We’re sitting in the airport, unsure what to do with ourselves and our empty nest when a scant 24 hours ago we were awaking to the soothing sounds of the jungle and the river, beckoning us to return for another incredible day of rafting.

Yesterday, we had a delicious breakfast, including bacon which excited some creative sharing techniques, and Lavar even taking some to go. While we waited for the rafts to be packed, we reflected on our time together. We went around sharing what Spanish words we had learned, what new skills and activities we improved on, and some take home lessons from the trip. We loaded back up into our two boats, with Bella and Brooklyn taking the  front of Team Snickerdoodles’ boat. Jono and Chris were in the front if Team Blue’s boat, but Caroline and Kau’i were the ones providing th muscle. Throughout the morning we devoured class 3 and 4 rapids. We all improved out paddling techniques to fit through tight spots and tough rapids.

After a morning of intense teamwork, we were welcomed back to the rafting base camp to a scrumptious lunch as we watched slideshow of our terrified and excited faces go through the biggest rapids. While we ran into some heavy traffic on the way back to San Jose, we passed the time playing our favorite game, Mafia, as well as went all in on a new game, Contact.

After we had some time to pack, we began to wrap up our trip with some closing ceremonies. Yonas was blindfolded and carefully guided to our meeting spot by Brooklyn where we opened his eyes to everyone wearing their Bold Earth hat. Along with tons of love and praise, Yonas received his well deserved Bold Earth hat, and our Bold Earth Family was all sporting the same swag. We had our final nightly meeting, recapping our highlights of the trip, hero of the trip, and what we learned that we want to bring back to our lives back home. We concluded with a heart melting round of Taps of Connection, where we took turns recognizing people who had impacted us. There were hugs, there were tears, there were feelings all around. It was a wonderful closing to wrap up a trip that was so far from home.

Alas, the end came too soon. We awoke at 3 in order to bid Yonas, Brooklyn, Jono, Kau’i, and Lavar farewell. A short spell later we dropped off Bella and Caroline, and then we gave a despedida to our amazing guide Erick.

We are very grateful for the chance to explore the land of Pura Vida with those incredible seven students. As we said in our final evening meeting, they were the epitome of a self sufficient group, always spending time with everyone, creating their own fun, and down for every crazy activity we proposed. We’ll miss them dearly. We hope you stay in touch and we wish you the best with all your endeavors back home!

-Tessa and Chris


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