Arrival Day Adventures

01 Jul, 2019

Hi family and friends!

This is Sarah and Jack with the first blog of our Iceland Adventure. Moving forward, our students will be writing the daily blog, but with the excitement of day one taking up a lot of our time we thought we’d give you an update!

Yesterday, our early arrivals Maria, Elena, Naia, and Erica had a chance to catch up on jet lag just a bit in preparation for our adventure ahead. Jack picked up Ilaria from the Reykjavík airport in the middle of the night, and Sarah went to pick up Marcus, Will, Adam, Nicole, and Deba early in the morning. We’re still waiting on Nial and Addy to join us in the morning so our whole group is complete!

We headed to the Reykjavík campsite for some lunch and orientation, played a name game, and enjoyed some unexpected blue skies. After a little ukulele and guitar jam sesh between Adam, Will, Marcus, Sarah, Elena, and Maria (while others took a much-needed moment to nap), we wandered into Reykjavík to explore. Our favorite moment was getting a screamin’ deal to go up into Hallgrimska, the iconic, modern, Viking-esque church that overlooks the city.

We returned back to camp, had dinner, and celebrated our first evening meeting (all in complete daylight!). We can’t wait for our group to be 14 strong tomorrow! It’s been a bit of whirlwind so far, but we’re already finding our groove and excited for the adventure ahead.

Happy trails and talk to you in a week,
Jack and Sarah


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