July 2: First Day of the Trek

07 Jul, 2019

Update by Addy: We woke up to the beautiful voices of Sarah and Jack at 7 a.m. Marcus and Erika prepared our breakfast of yogurt, fruit, and bread. After breakfast, we packed up our tents, split up the food, and prepared for the beginning of our five-day adventure! Jack split us all up into groups of two so that we could get to know each other better and motivate our partners. Nial and Naia started off in the front while Nicole and Will were chilling in the back. Adam and Deba were making their way to the front while Maria, Elena, Ilaria, and I were taking pictures of the breathtaking views.

We hiked past glaciers and hot springs and over many steep hills to finally arrive at our campsite for the night. After refilling our water bottles and setting our tents up, we spent time with each other and enjoyed our third night under the sun in the land of the midnight sun.


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