A Day of Recovery 

08 Jul, 2019

Update by Ilaria from July 6: 9 a.m. was our wake-up for our recovery day in Thorsmork where we were then welcomed with chocolate chip pancakes!

After breakfast we packed up our usual stuff and then started to play games led by Jack. After playing some games like grizzly bear, we then went to the mountain hut to play cards. Marcus, Will, Addy, and I played slap while Nial slept. On one side of the table was Adam and Deba playing an intense game of spit. Maria and Elena stayed outside to sunbathe while Naia and Erica walked around to take their usual pictures of the scenery.

We continued to relax until 6 p.m. when the bus finally arrived to take us to the hostel. After dinner we hung around the hostel, ate dinner, and were finally reunited with our phones. We all spent about an hour staring at our phones catching up with friends and family. After turning in our phones and evening meeting, our much-needed recovery day finally came to an end.

Update by Will from July 7: Everyone arose peacefully after our first night of not sleeping in a tent! We all met down in the hostel lobby for a welcome continental breakfast (that we didn’t cook!).

After breakfast, we realized that one of our vans was running late, so we elected to visit a local volcano museum called Lava. Everyone decided to walk there except Naia and Erica, who got a ride in the van. The museum was really interesting with a nice exhibit about Iceland’s volcanoes.

Afterward, we made three bands and the instruments of the bands dictated our two van groups: drums and bass players in one van, vocalists and guitars in the other. We then drove to an amazing waterfall that had many rainbows. Marcus, Nial, Adam, and I hiked to the top of the waterfall together, and most of the girls went up after. We then drove to a canyon where Justin Bieber filmed a music video. Addy and Ilaria made sure to watch this videos during our lunch of hummus wraps.

After a short hike around the canyon, we drove to a glacier. We suited up with crampons and did an incredible glacier hike. Maria made sure to take photos the whole time. After a tiring but sensational day, we drove to the campsite for dinner.


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