Day 4: An Icelandic Poem

08 Jul, 2019

By Maria:

We still didn’t all succeed in the loo,
but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Will and Deba made beans, vegetables and rice,
and sitting together was very nice.

We began the last day of our trek,
and our feet were a wreck.

We then took a break,
we all sang songs and Adam’s voice is great.

There was a fresh breeze,
and for lunch Elena cut the cheese.

Later we had a silent walk,
but Erica and Deba stayed behind to talk.

Then Marcus fell asleep,
but we still didn’t see any sheep.

Will and Nial claimed that golf was a sport,
Addy and Ilaria argued that it was nort.

Adam, myself Elena and Naia,
took Sarah’s class of yoga.

We crossed rivers,
and noticed we had blisters.

We sang some songs by J Lo,
and Nicole knew all the lyrics to Halo.

The sun was bright
as we arrived to the camp site.

From afar we saw two glaciers,
oh how we loved our walk through nature.

As we all sat together for dinner,
we knew this trip was a winner.


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