Best Evening Meeting Spot Ever

10 Jul, 2019

Update by Elena: We woke up early and had a delicious breakfast of eggs and fruit. Then we headed to a black sand beach where scenes from Game Of Thrones were shot. We took a lot of pictures and Jack escaped the sneaker waves. After that we visited a waterfall and walked all around it. There, Nial was dressed like a trash bag in his Frog Toggs and took a waterfall shower. We then got the chance to see a waterfall that was hidden in a cave and made Deba very excited. Maria and I kept trying to pose for pictures but it was a wet failure. While getting out of the cave, there was a group of British boys who were blocking Addy, Nicole, and Ilaria from exiting but Naia managed to get out by stepping on their feet. We had peanut butter and jam sandwiches then we played yeehaw, a game that Adam suggested and was a little too into.

After hopping back into the van, Marcus and Will got into a “gorilla fight” that was enjoyed by all and hilarity ensued. Back at the campsite, we ate dinner and went for a good hike to hot springs! We spent some time relaxing in hot water for once and ended our beautiful day watching a “sunset.”


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