Watch Out for Birds!

13 Jul, 2019

Update from student Naia: This morning we woke up excited to eat pancakes. They were fluffy and had chocolate chips. Then we hopped into the vans and made a pit stop at a grocery store and bakery.

Then we finally arrived at the town where “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was shot. There we had a picnic next to a huge trampoline and after lunch we all went jumping and met a little boy named Marino. He was our trip mascot from then on.

Next we walked into the fishing town. Nicole, Deba, and I took a head start and climbed up to a lighthouse to enjoy the breathtaking view. We then left and headed to a beautiful and the most photographed waterfall/mountain in Iceland. Maria took a selfie with all of us and then we all sang Will and Marcus’s song, while Sarah and Jack filmed us to make 14 Stories’ new music video.

Finally, to get to our final camping site, we had to hike. Marcus and Will took the lead per usual. Addy, Elena, and Ilaria took beautiful and marvelous pictures of the scenery and the beach. Then, Will got attacked by crazy birds while Nial laughed hysterically.

At dinner, we all ate fish cooked by Nicole, except for Addy and I, while Jack and Adam played some songs on the guitar and ukulele. Then, finally, after another long and wonderful day full of smiles, we all went to sleep in our tents for the last time.


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