Final Thoughts From the Midnight Sun

16 Jul, 2019

Hi Will, Marcus, Nicole, Naia, Ilaria, Adam, Nial, Deba, Elena, Maria, and Addy!

It’s Jack and Sarah, thanking you one more time for an incredible two week adventure through Iceland! One 55 km trek through the mountains later (and a few waterfalls, geysirs, rafting adventures, glaciers, caves, and arctic terns), and here we are. The last 14 days have been pretty indescribable, but we’re going to try to sum it up anyway.

From the beginning, we faced challenges that brought us together as a group – delayed flights, lost baggage, maybe a misplaced food item or two, colder-than-expected weather, homesickness, and a big trek – and we are so proud of how each and every one of you stepped outside of your comfort zone and handled them. Some of you have immense experience in the outdoors, and for some of you it was a completely new experience. Regardless, you all jumped in, willing and able, and we completed the legendary Laugavegur trail together, one step at a time.

From there, we got to watch you all grow tighter as a group, making meals together, singing our favorite song (a lot), and having dance parties in the van. We also got to watch you grow closer to yourself as an individual, embracing our solo reflective walks in Icelandic valleys. Throughout our time in the land of fire and ice, we were routinely impressed by your resilience, positivity, maturity, and introspection.

It was such a special treat to end this trip all together in the Blue Lagoon, creating webs of connections and identifying our heroes and highlights from this wild ride together. We hope that the lessons you learn STICK with you, that you were able to LEAF some things behind, and that the memories that ROCK stay with you forever.

Moving forward, we hope that you continue to make space for reflection, connect with new people, push through discomfort, and remember that you can do anything – even hiking with a heavy backpack for five days in non-summery weather. Play games, be goofy, and find time for those meaningful late-night tent conversations in everyday life.

Parents, you should be incredibly proud of your kids. They were simply amazing, and we appreciate you sending them our way! Students, make sure you give your parents a big hug and a thank you – they’re pretty great, too.

We miss you already, and can’t wait to follow along on your future adventures! Stay warm the rest of the summer – you all deserve it.

Lots of love from the land of the midnight sun,

Jack and Sarah


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