Grand Canyon Adventure Trip Prep

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Preparing for physical activity

Bold Earth is designed as an active camp for teenagers. We recommend regular aerobic exercise for at least a month before departing on your trip. Walking, jogging, swimming, or riding a bike are all great ways to increase your fitness to get the most out of your Bold Earth experience.


Transportation to and from the adventure are the responsibility of the family, but we are available to help parents choose flights. We are happy to put parents in touch with other families whose children are on the same trip and flying in and out of the same area.

Arrival and departure windows

For all Grand Canyon Adventure trips, students will fly in to and out of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS). They will need to arrive at LAS before 11 a.m. the first day of their trip, and depart LAS before 11 a.m. the last day of their trip. 

Our trip leaders will be awaiting each of our students’ arrivals in Las Vegas. As per airline regulations, we greet every student who flies as an unaccompanied minor at the gate. For all other, non-UM students, please follow your group off the plane down to baggage claim, where one or both of our trip leaders will be waiting. Students will call home as soon as they meet with our group and gather their baggage.

Early arrivals

International participants traveling to Bold Earth adventures in the United States may arrive one day early. There will be an additional $200 early arrival fee, which covers the cost of food and a personal hotel room. Please contact us to arrange an early arrival.

*Please do not book flights until your child has been officially accepted and enrolled on the Grand Canyon Adventure trip.

Packing List

Bold Earth Grand Canyon packing list