Yangshuo, China
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China Teen Trip

China's Best

Experience the best of China's ancient and the modern, nature and cities. From Beijing and the Great Wall to Terracotta Warriors and Hong Kong experience 14 Days of amazing, authentic travel!




2018 Dates

July 1 - July 14
July 16 - July 29


14 days



Trip Highlights

  • Great Wall Overnight Trek
  • Xi’an, Terracotta Warriors
  • Rock Climb
  • Chinese Cooking School
  • Hong Kong & Beijing
  • Community Service: 8 hours




Past and present collide as we start our journey in Beijing, where Tiananmen Square, Mao's resting place, and the Forbidden City speak to the city's rich heritage. Our first community service project involves working with a local Hutong charity for students with learning disabilities. Explore the sights and the depth of China's capital city on Bold Earth's China teen program.


Next, we travel to Xi’an and visit the Terracotta Warriors, where thousands of statues face east in battle formation, protecting the emperor's tomb. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is not to be missed! Leaving Xi’an we visit the ancient and world-famous Longmen Grottoes and Xiaolin Temple. We spend an afternoon seeing thousands of traditional Buddhist carvings that line the walls of these ancient caves.


Our exploration of the country's world-class landmarks continues as we undertake a breathtaking two-day trek along the 2,000-year-old Great Wall of China. With support from porters, we trace the Wall through mountaintop forests while learning about its history from a local guide. Nightly stays in quaint guest houses afford us the opportunity to wake up in the shadow of this extraordinary world wonder.


Historically a sleepy farming community, Yangshuo blossomed into China's adventure capital during the 1990s, and now draws everyone from backpackers and rock climbers to domestic tourists. In this picturesque town on the Li River, we enjoy rock climbing, tai chi, biking, Chinese cooking classes and a community service project. Moving out of the countryside, Bold Earth's China teen trip concludes in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. A visit to Victoria Peak provides incredible views of Victoria Harbor, and the neon jungle of Kowloon glows as we celebrate an epic journey with a final Chinese feast.
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Day 1
Welcome to Bold Earth!
Welcome to China and to Bold Earth! On the first day of your trip, you will be met at the airport in Beijing by your Bold Earth Trip Leaders. Campers will call home immediately to confirm their safe arrival. Once all together, we travel in a private van to our hotel where we will get to know each other and learn what to expect in the days ahead! After our Bold Earth orientation, we travel to a Chinese feast where we have a dinner of Peking Duck and other Chinese delicacies. Welcome to China!
Day 2
Explore Beijing
Beijing is one of the world's great cities, China's capital and proud home to the 2008 Summer Olympics. We start out with a guided tour of the Forbidden City and expansive Tiananmen Square. Next, we hop on bicycles for an up-close guided tour through the back street hutongs. Hutongs, endemic of Beijing and critical pieces of Chinese culture, are ancient city streets that are usually too narrow for cars and trucks but are bustling with markets, neighborhoods, bicycles, and pedestrians. These narrow, winding streets have become outdated, but have been preserved by the Chinese government thanks to their cultural and aesthetic value. Touring hutongs is a once-in-a-lifetime event that can only be experienced in Beijing! Later, we cap off the night with an amazing dinner of Peking Duck before retiring to our rooms at the DonJiao Ming Xian Hotel.
Day 3-5
Great Wall
Next up is an incredible 2-day walk on the Great Wall of China! Day 1 begins in Gubeikou and ends in Jinshanling. At night, we stay with local Chinese families living in a village along the base of the Wall. On Day 2, we experience sunrise as we walk from Jinshanling to Simatai, a signature China's Best outdoor experience and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Along the way, we stop at a farming community in a nearby village and take part in a one-of-a-kind service project, gaining firsthand experience into daily life on the farm while giving back to the unique environment in which we travel. We complete the day with a homestay at the farm after enjoying a home-cooked meal consisting largely of ingredients produced on site. On Day 3, we awake at the farm and help with a morning project before heading back to Beijing, where we board an overnight sleeper train to Luoyang.
Day 6-7
Longmen Grottoes
We awake from our rest on the sleeper train from Beijing and set out for a day of exploring the historic Longmen Grottoes. An incredibly well-preserved example of Chinese Buddhist art, the Grottoes consists of thousands of statues depicting Buddha and his disciples. This can't-miss site, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, is comprised of nearly 100,000 statues nestled in over 1,000 caves less than a mile from the Yi River. The Grottoes are distinctly China and this day is consistently rated as one of the best on the trip! The following day, we take a high-speed train over to Xian, capital of China's Shaanxi Province. Xian's history stretches back to over 3,000 years ago, and the city, one of the oldest in China, is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Since an economic and cultural revival in the middle of the 1990s, Xian has reasserted itself as one of modern-day China's most important urban centers. After arriving in the afternoon, we explore the old and new of this fascinating city via bicycle.
Day 8-9
Terracota Warriors
On Day 8, we awake from our accommodations at an inn in Luoyang before visiting the legendary Terracotta Warriors. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Terracotta Army has existed since 3rd century BC but was only discovered accidentally by 2 farmers in 1974. The site consists of 7,000 pottery-constructed soldiers, horses, chariots and weapons, all in statue form. The life-sized figures are all unique, each varying in appearance and differing according to rank in the army. The statues were built under the orders of Emperor Qin, who is buried in a tomb at the foot of the nearby Mount Li. This amazing archaeological site is a must-see for any visitor traveling to China! The following morning, we leave Xian and make our way to the airport for our flight to Guilin.
Day 10
From Guilin, we transfer to Yangshuo on the Li River in Southern China's Guangxi Province. This is a special place to savor. This city of about 20,000 (small by Chinese standards) is surrounded by Karst limestone mountains that resemble dragon's teeth. The town's location is quintessentially China and absolutely stunning! This destination still manages to retain a semblance of its undiscovered feeling. Popular with travelers of all sorts: rock climbers, cave explorers, bikers, writers, artists and people looking for a comfortable place to kick back and relax. West Street is filled with a bustling marketplace and is a paradise for foreign visitors. On our first day in the city, we spend time rock climbing before heading back into town to experience some of the local flavors. Take a break from the outdoor tables to enjoy your surroundings and watch the world go by!
Day 11-12
Cycling & Hiking
The next day, we enjoy an authentic culinary lesson at a local Chinese cooking school before picking up bikes and heading into the countryside for an afternoon of touring led by a local guide. We experience the best of Yangshuo's unique small-town life and majestic countryside during our time in this amazing area. On Day 12, we stay in the Guangxi region but head 3 hours north to Longsheng. We'll spend the day hiking through the area's magical hill country and rice terraces (which, according to local folklore, resemble dragon's scales). In the morning, we further explore the countryside before returning to the Gullin Station, where we'll take an overnight train ride to Shenzhen, a major city in the Guangdong Province, just north of Hong Kong.
Day 13
Hong Kong
On our last full day in China, we check into a hotel in Hong Kong and spend the day exploring the amazing city. The energy and electricity of the 21st century, combined with a deference to tradition and history, blend to create a truly unparalleled urban vibe. A visit to Victoria Peak provides incredible views of Victoria Harbor, and the neon jungle of Kowloon glows as we celebrate an epic summer with a final authentic Chinese meal.
Day 14
Farewall to China
On this bittersweet day, we head to the airport, say our final goodbyes to our new friends and head home with memories of an epic summer in China!

Why choose China's Best 中国 - 大图片?

14 days full of the best China has to offer! From the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square to Southern China and Hong Kong – this trip HAS IT ALL!

China is a top destination for travelers and explorers alike. Filled with a rich heritage, the world’s most populous nation overflows with culture, history, and wonder of China. Bold Earth Teen Adventures will take you into the heart China on an authentic cultural adventure.

Bold Earth families expect China’s Best to be safe, authentic, meaningful and impactful. 24/7 we travel with a local Chinese guide plus 2 Bold Earth leaders. China’s Best is designed specifically to be a teen appropriate adventure which is full, active and deep with experience. WOW!

Trip Highlights?

China’s Best is a hands-on exploration of the culture, food, and adventure of one the planet’s most interesting countries. Tour this vast country with a small group and experienced guides.

Some AWESOME Highlights:
• Beijing: Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square
• Ancient Beijing: Hutong Community Service
• Hike the Great Wall of China
• Xian: Visit the Terracotta Warriors
• Luoyang: Xiaolin Temple & Longmen Grottoes
• Yangshuo: Rock Climbing & Biking
• Cooking School & Delicious Chinese Food
• Hong Kong: Visit the Peak & Harbor Cruise
• 1.351 billion people
• Authentic: Culture, Language & History

Can I speak to References?

To receive a list of China’s Best references call us in Colorado at 303-526-0806 or email info@boldearth.com. Please mention the trip you are interested and where you live.

Since 1976 over 16,000 students from all 50 US states and 55 countries have joined Bold Earth! We encourage you to contact our alumni directly to find out about the quality of our leaders, depth of programming and what a summer with Bold Earth is really like.

We want careful and selective families to choose Bold Earth. Our offerings are only as good as the families who choose Bold Earth Adventures. Our target student is responsible, informed and enthusiastic.

What Makes China's Best Outstanding?

Bold Earth has carefully built China’s Best to be the perfect adventure travel trip for teens in China. Travel like a local from North to South. Students discover a rich culture, a deep history, and a country rapidly leaping forward.

• Beijing: China’s capital city is filled with a rich heritage, incredible food and provides a glimpse into Chinese politics and history. In an ancient Hutong Neighborhood, campers will volunteer and teach at a local school for special needs students! WOW! Yes, campers have an incredible tour of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City!

• Great Wall of China: 2,000 years old, and visible from outer-space, the Great Wall of China is on the top of many travel lists. Our incredible two-day guided trek is a glimpse into China’s history, ingenuity and is off the beaten track! We hardly see any other tourists.

• Xi’an & Terracotta Warriors: Experience the thrill of bike riding on Xi’an’s ancient city walls and exploring Xi’an’s world-famous old city. Also, in Xi’an we visit the Terracotta Warriors: thousands of life-size statues in battle formation protecting the emperor’s tomb!

• Yangshou: Outdoor adventure awaits in the town of Yangshuo, located in the Southern Chinese province of Guilin. Home to incredible limestone karst pillars, the Li River winds its way through the landscape. Campers bike, hike, rock climb and experience incredible rural culture. The cooking class is a highlight as campers learn to make their favorite Chinese dishes. The small town of Yangshuo is a welcomed reprieve from China’s urban areas.

• Hong Kong: Build up your appetites for adventure, food, and culture as we travel to Hong Kong. The home of dim sum, neon lights and incredible views, Hong Kong is a world city. Campers experience a harbor cruise and enjoy the skyline from Victoria Peak. Hong Kong is both foreign and familiar as campers dive into this unique city!

An exotic location, vast history, culture, and a comprehensive action-packed itinerary make Bold Earth’s China program a must do adventure. If you really want to experience the variety of Asia, we invite you to join China’s Best.

Where Do We Stay?

Bold Earth spends countless hours securing incredible, perfect and amazing accommodations for China’s Best. Bold Earth does it best. YES, you will be comfortable!

• Hotels: 11 Nights
• Overnight Trains: 2 Nights (Bunk Beds!)

Hotels in China: Hotels in China’s Best are small bed & breakfast style hotels. With western-style bathrooms and air-conditioning, campers are comfortable and cool. We do not stay at Marriott style hotels, Bold Earth chooses small, family-run hotels in order to benefit the local economy and see the real China.

Overnight Trains: Very comfortable! Campers are shocked to see bunk beds and private cabins on a train! Campers spend 2 (non-consecutive) nights on overnight trains. A very common and efficient way to travel, campers go to sleep and wake up in a new place ready to go!

China is a diverse country and China’s Best itinerary takes advantage of everything. Bold Earth students are intrepid travelers who enjoy authentic adventure travel. China’s Best is NOT rated as one of Bold Earth’s most rugged trips.

China’s Best is a carefully crafted trip. Where, how and why we pick each night’s lodging is why you select and put your trust in Bold Earth and we honor that trust.

What are the Community Service Projects?

Campers volunteer at a Bold Earth supported charity for Chinese school kids with learning disabilities. Located in a Beijing ‘Hutong’ neighborhood, the project gives campers a valued glimpse into the social network of China.

We spend the day working with underprivileged youth to gain knowledge and experience of the local children’s living conditions (8 hours).

What Are The Group Sizes? Who Are The Leaders?

Small groups!

• Maximum of 13 students.
• 2 Bold Earth trip leaders (at least 1 male and 1 female).
• 1 Local Chinese Leader.

Group size matters! Small groups can travel – see culture, experience ‘local’ and cultivate better relationships.

One guide on your China’s Best trip will be Chinese, speak Chinese and understand the local culture at a deep level. Knowledgeable and experienced guides make Bold Earth trips safer while giving Bold Earth programs powerful authenticity.

Leadership and taking charge is a planned part of every day. You will get a chance to be a Leader of the Day (LOD), which will give you the opportunity to step into a leadership role. Our goal is for students to return home with a dozen new lifelong friends, feeling more confident, more of a leader, and more self-aware with a better appreciation of the world around them.

A male and female leader will be with the group 24/7.

What Do We Eat?

On China’s Best, we eat local food (delicious) in casual restaurants. We eat high-quality Chinese food to get a glimpse into Chinese culture and everyday life.

Bold Earth visits comfortable restaurants that serve safe, delicious and nutritious food. Yes, Bold Earth provides bottled water to campers.

China is famous for its amazing food! Chinese food in China is incredible! The history of Chinese cuisine expands back thousands of years and is unique in each region according to climate, imperial fashions, and local preferences. Chinese cuisine includes a diversity of influences originating from the many regions of China.

Bold Earth’s favorite dishes include Sweet and Sour Chicken/Tofu (糖醋里脊), Gong Bao Chicken (宫保鸡丁), Bok Choy (白菜), Chow Mein (炒面), Dumplings (饺子) and Spring Rolls (春卷). Of course, each dish will vary from place to place, but the cuisine will always be prepared fresh – retaining the culture poured into every bite. EXPLORE this nation through the palate of the locals!

Tell Me More About China!


The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is located in East Asia and is the world’s most populated country. More than 1.35 BILLION people call China home. Covering approximately 9.6 million square kilometers, China is the world’s second-largest country by land area (second of course to Russia – China’s neighbor to the north). China borders 14 nations spanning the Asian continent. WOW!

China’s history is far too long to include in a Bold Earth FAQ… but China’s contribution to the world’s technological, medical and social improvements are significant. China’s modern political history began in 1949 when Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China expelled the Kuomintang and became the government of Mainland China. China’s politics, history, and culture are fascinating. Bold Earth campers leave China having a better understanding of its complex system of politics and culture.

Mandarin Chinese is spoken in most of China (960 million speakers) and Cantonese (60 million speakers) is spoken in Hong Kong. Well educated Chinese speakers recognize approximately 4,000-6,000 characters. Chinese is a complicated language with a tonal pitch system. The word “ma” can mean 5 different things, depending on the tone. Campers will learn basic greetings and will enjoy the foreign nature of interacting with people in Chinese.

China today is one of the world’s fastest growing major economies and is the world’s largest exporter of consumer goods. But China’s economy has advanced immensely in the last 20 years, as China’s middle class has developed and matured. Architecture, art, music, FOOD, consumerism and so much more have their part to play in this land of beauty and heritage. Tourists from all over the world will come to China each year just to have a taste of the blend of old and new.

Geographically China spans five time zones but modern China has only had a single standard time throughout the country.

For 12 years, Bold Earth has explored China to create CHINA’S BEST!

How's The Weather?

July is one of the best times to visit China. While the weather is hot and humid, the group can comfortably be active during the day and evening.

The average temperature is 80 – 90°F (27-31°C).

Wear loose-fitting clothing because it will be humid! China is beautiful and by the end, you will be wishing to never leave!

What Do I Need To Bring?

CLICK: China’s Best Packing List for a carefully detailed description of exactly what to bring.

Give Bold Earth a call at 303-526-0806 if you have any questions. A Bold Earth trip advisor is are always available to help.

Do I Need Special Immunizations?

Bold Earth carefully researches possible health risks as part of our trip planning for the exact destinations we visit in China. Bold Earth visits established tourist locations. For most campers, standard vaccinations are sufficient for travel in China.

Three precautions to keep you healthy in China:
1. Eat only hot and well-cooked food usually prepared in front of you.
2. Drink only bottled water or boiling hot tea

For more information, please consult your family physician or local travel clinic. The day to day China’s Best itinerary on the website can be printed show to your travel clinic or family physician.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a China-specific website which we find to be very broad covering all areas, seasons and types of travel.

Passport & Visa Requirements?

A Tourist Visa is required for most campers to enter China.

Bold Earth has expertly made the process as easy as possible. We will walk you through the simple AND automatic process once you are accepted on China’s Best.

We understand that this can be confusing for some so we want to make it smooth and straightforward for all. Call Bold Earth with any questions!

China’s Best

Travel Made Easy!

  1. Fly Together: Our goal is to fly together as a group. All students are met upon arrival and families are called immediately from the airport.
  2. We recommend participants book flights three months before departure. Booking around April 1st allows the Bold Earth team to guarantee low fares and maximum coordinated group flights.
  3. Combine 2 Trips: Many Bold Earth participants combine Bold Earth trips. Call or e-mail our office for more information.

Every trip has a story.

We have 40+ years of amazing travel tales to share, but our favorites are always best told by our adventurers themselves.
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Guillin, China
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China's Best was a very organized trip and I felt informed on the group's activities. My son loved the trip and the leaders. He could not say enough good things about trip.

- Parents: Maya & Wesley

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