Gore Range, Colorado
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Colorado Teen Adventure Skills Program

Colorado Bold

Bold Earth’s most rewarding, big adventure trip! Three backcountry locations will teach you how to be a wilderness pro!




2018 Dates

June 30 - July 13
July 16 - July 29
August 1 - August 14


14 days



Trip Highlights

  • Learn to Lead Your Own Backpack Trip
  • Explore Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Backpack: Gore Range
  • Trail Building Community Service Project
  • Leave No Trace & Wilderness Hard Skills
  • Graduation: Camper-Led Backpack
  • Community Service: 15 Hours




Our group assembles in Denver International Airport and we immediately head west for the mountains. We’ll jump right into our skills orientation, and there’s no better place to learn than in the field. On our three-day stay in Rocky Mountain National Park, we’ll take plenty of time to go over basic skills like campsite selection and backcountry cooking, while taking day hikes to pristine mountain lakes and incredible views of these craggy mountains. This introduction will lay the foundation for our adventures ahead.


After much instruction, we are ready to take on the Colorado backcountry. The Gore Range, in the famous Eagle's Nest Wilderness, is the ideal setting for our final backcountry mission. We put to practice our map and compass skills while hiking along some of the most beautiful sections of the Gore Range Trail including Uneva Pass. The breathtaking views and camaraderie among group members are what makes Colorado Bold life changing.


Before our last camper led backpack our group teams up with the Colorado Fourteener Initiative to do some trail-work and give back to this beautiful place. Fourteeners are peaks that are over 14,000 feet tall. Climbing fourteeners is an activity that attracts mountaineers from all over the world. The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative maintains the trails that thousands of people enjoy. After a day of service, we will rise before the sun to climb a 14,000-foot peak, epic!


Our first multi-day backpacking excursion takes us into the renowned Never Summer Wilderness, located just west of Rocky Mountain National Park. Here we will continue to develop our wilderness techniques while hiking up to alpine lakes and getting to know our group better.
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Day 1
Welcome to Bold Earth!
Welcome to Colorado! You will be met upon arrival at Denver International Airport by your Bold Earth trip leaders. After making calls home to say you have arrived, we leave the airport and travel to our campground in Rocky Mountain National Park for our trip orientation. During orientation, we get to know each other and learn what to expect in the days ahead. Our daily routine, jobs, and safety rules are explained, and the process of growing together as a group begins. We’ll also do a complete gear inventory, checking out each camper’s personal gear along with introducing group gear. Campers learn how to set up tents while dinner is prepared by leaders! After dinner, we take a short hike to watch the sunset over the Rocky Mountains have our first nightly group meeting.
Day 2-3
Rock Mountain National Park Adventures and Orientation
Our first full days of the trip will be spent exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, a majestic section of Colorado’s Front Range. Here we will spend time learning new hard skills that campers will master throughout the trip. Campers will each get a copy of their Colorado Bold Manual that explains how to; use a map and compass, Leave No Trace camping ethics, backcountry cooking techniques, tent setup and basic knots. While we are not learning skills we will hike up to Lake Helene and Chasm Lake, two of the parks most beautiful areas.
Day 4-6
Backpack the Neversummer Wilderneess
Our first day, of the three-day backpack, starts with a comprehensive tutorial on packing for a backcountry trip. With food rationed and our packs loaded and ready, we waste no time jumping right into Colorado’s wild and spectacular backcountry. In the Neversummer Wilderness, we will develop our hiking and wilderness skills. We will set up a base camp a few miles in, and on the second day, we will hike to Parika Lake located in a pristine alpine cirque. We’ll get invaluable experience with map-reading & navigation, Leave No Trace practices, backcountry cooking, trail etiquette, bear-proofing a campsite and basic backcountry first aid. On the third day, we will break camp and head to the Collegiate Peaks.
Day 7-8
Service and Summit
The first morning with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) we will meet our service project leaders on the side of one of Colorado's famous fourteeners. A fourteener is a mountain in Colorado that exceed 14,000 feet in elevation. These peaks are world renowned for their scenic trails. We will partner with CFI to improve the trails. On the second day, we will get an alpine start, early in the morning, and use the trail to climb to the summit of a Fourteener! From the top campers look out to see breathtaking views of Colorado.
Day 9
Preparation for Camper Led Backpack
After resting up from our summit day, it is time to prepare for our final excursion into the Colorado wilderness. Campers now know enough to take part in planning and executing a three-day backpack. Today will be a full day of preparation, we will shop for food, go over the map and trail that we will talk about risks that need to be prepared for. Now is where we begin to tie together all that we have learned over the past week.
Day 10-12
Gore Range Three Day Hike
Now lead by the campers, our group will head into the Gore Range for our final backpack. The Tenmile Creek Trailhead is the launching point for our first trip into the wilderness. After breaking tree-line, we’ll start scouting for a perfect spot below Uneva Pass. This is when we put into practice all that we have learned. There is nothing better than coming together as a team to take on the great outdoors. During the backpack, our group will savor the incredible surroundings of the Eagle's Nest Wilderness. We hike out the next morning no longer novices, but full-fledged backcountry experts.
Day 13
Back to Denver
Leaving the Rockies in our rearview for the bright lights of Denver will be bittersweet. Today, the group will have a much needed freshen up and prepare to fly home. That night we will go out for a graduation dinner in Boulder. During our last nightly meeting, we’ll reflect on the challenges, accomplishments and lifelong memories made during our two epic weeks in Colorado!
Day 14
Airport Day
All good things must come to an end. We wake up early and head to the airport to say our final goodbyes on the final day of the trip, taking us with new friendships and amazing memories from an epic summer, plus skills that will ensure that this will be just the first of many Colorado backcountry adventures in your future!

Is Colorado Bold fun?

YES – 14 days of adventure skill building to last for life!

Bold Earth believes adventure should be FUN. Colorado Bold is built around the same fun-loving attitude that forms the core of every Bold Earth trip. Our goal is that while learning new skills, Colorado Bold campers will enjoy an experience that makes summer the best time of the year!

Why choose Colorado Bold?

Colorado is Bold Earth’s backyard and this trip has been carefully planned since 1976!

Some SWEET Highlights
• Rocky Mountain National Park: Wilderness Orientation & Day-hikes
• Parika Lake Backpack: 3-Day Backpack in the Neversummer Wilderness
• Colorado 14ers Initiative: Service Project & Summit a 14er
• Gore Range Backpack: Camper led backpack from Frisco to Copper

Colorado Bold is designed to teach backcountry skills in a FUN and SUPPORTIVE environment. This is NOT a survival experience – campers enjoy showers, cook delicious food and learn to live healthily and happily in the outdoors.

Colorado Bold is designed specifically to teach campers the skills to lead their own backpacking trips. Hard skills and backcountry know-how are emphasized as we get a great feel for the mountains, streams, valleys and glacier-carved meadows of Colorado’s epic wilderness! WOW!

Can I speak to references?

To receive a list of Colorado Bold references call us in Colorado at 303-526-0806 or email info@boldearth.com. Please mention the trip you are interested and where you live.

Since 1976 over 16,000 students from all 50 US states and 55 countries have joined Bold Earth! We encourage you to contact our alumni directly to find out about the quality of our leaders, depth of programming and what a summer with Bold Earth is really like.

We want careful and selective families to choose Bold Earth. Our offerings are only as good as the families who choose Bold Earth Adventures. Our target student is responsible, informed and enthusiastic.

What kind of experience do I need?

ZERO, NONE, ZILCH! All campers should be eager to learn, be outside and participate in a leadership experience. Bold Earth’s Colorado Bold welcomes both the novice and the seasoned veterans. Because of great leadership, campers with experience will learn just as much as campers with no experience.

Bold Earth leaders are expert outdoors-people and have an incredible wealth of experience. If you have specific skills you are looking to improve – mention them to us and we will tailor the trip to you. Learning from professionals is a joy both for novices and more experienced campers.

With an incredible diversity of activities, Colorado is an adventure capital of the world! This is where people come to learn and come back to perfect. You will be incredible!

Tell me more about Colorado!

Colorado is home to Bold Earth. Bold Earth was spawned out of a passion for adventure, a passion that developed right here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We are the locals, we are the experts and we will be your guide to this amazing state.

Colorado is noted for its dynamic landscape of mountains, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, desert lands and on a good year the Denver Broncos. The state was named after the Colorado River, which Spanish explorers named the Río Colorado for the ruddy silt the river carried from the mountains. With more than half the state located in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado is in the middle of all the action. Tourism and recreation make up a majority of Colorado’s economy – oil, mining, and agriculture make up the other components.

Colorado was originally inhabited by Native Americans for more than 13,000 years. The eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains was a major migration route, which was important to the spread of early peoples throughout the Americas. The Ancient Pueblo Peoples lived in the valleys and mesas of the Colorado Plateau. The Ute Nation inhabited the mountain valleys of the Southern Rocky Mountains and the Western Rocky Mountains, even as far east as the Front Range (Denver) of the present day. The Apache and the Comanche inhabited the Eastern and Southeastern portions of the state as well. The Arapaho Nation and the Cheyenne Nation moved west to hunt across the High Plains at times as well.

More recent Colorado history grew out of the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s. An estimated 100,000 gold seekers flocked to the region during the 1850s, populating much of the state and developing most of Colorado’s infrastructure. Farming and other agricultural elements played into the design of current Colorado as well.

Colorado today is a blend of cultures and people. Because of its landscape, Colorado is widely known as being an adventure capitol dedicated to recreation and outdoor adventures. Hiking, backpacking and snow sports are incredibly popular and regularly practiced. Among the many activities, Colorado is famous for is its world-class ski resorts such as Vail and Aspen. If you cannot get enough of the mountains and the wilderness, Colorado is where you come to live and play.

Where do we stay?

In a gigantic tour bus … NOT!

With 300 days of sunshine a year, summer is the perfect time to camp in Colorado! Colorado Bold will develop your sense of adventure and love of camping. We will stay in a combination of both wilderness and developed sites. Camping is always the highlight, and YES you will be comfortable. Bold Earth will provide the tents and knowledge; however, you are welcome to bring your own (see the Colorado Bold Packing List for details). You will share a tent with two to three other Bold Earth campers of your same gender. This is an awesome way of getting to know each other!

Whether camping with the Rocky Mountains in view or along rivers and lakes, Colorado Bold enjoys the best camping, biggest views and sweetest adventures.

Why camping? Because we take you on an adventure which feels GREAT! You are probably not exactly sure about camping, but what about:
• Sitting around a bonfire with a group of friends for life?
• Counting shooting stars?
• Hearing the river as you fall asleep?
• Being at one with our Bold Earth?
• Taking a sunrise run? YES!

We will teach you everything you need to know about camping, hiking, and travel! Speak to alumni from your area and they will tell you that camping out every night was AMAZING!

What is the food like?

Bold Earth food is awesome! YES, the food will be healthy, delicious, local, and fun. Bold Earth campers LOVE to eat and we understand that playing hard all day requires the right nutrition. YES, we will enthusiastically accommodate vegetarians, gluten-free, kosher, allergies, and most special diets.

Cooking on Colorado Bold is a combination of planning, preparing and enjoying our own food and eating out. Approximately three times during your trip you and two other campers will have the chance to make a meal for the group. Most campers find this to be incredibly fun and rewarding.

Your leaders help you as much or as little as necessary and of course everything is included. We eat out locally once a week to celebrate our accomplishments and enjoy a night out in between adventures.

What do I need to pack?

CLICK: Colorado Bold Packing List for a carefully detailed description of exactly what to bring. Because of the nature of this trip, students are welcome to bring their own OPTIONAL personal backpacking items. These items may include a personal “backcountry stove”, a personal tent, GPS, or any other backpacking related gear. Give Bold Earth a call at 303-526-0806 if you have any questions. A Bold Earth trip advisor is are always available to help.

Why are groups limited to 13 campers?

Small group size = SUCCESS!

• Maximum of 13 incredible and enthusiastic campers
• 2 adult trip leaders (one male and one female)

Group size is the number one feature Bold Earth customers praise. Especially on an outdoor adventure trip – group size is incredibly important. Bold Earth would not be permitted to visit the natural wonders we see with a bigger group. Consider yourself one of the lucky – only 13 campers at a time!

Bold Earth campers are leaders who seek independence, responsibility, and fun. We know teenagers and we understand that a small group size is ESSENTIAL to camper success – especially on Colorado Bold. Our guide to camper ratio is very small – therefore each camper receives individual instruction and lots of encouragement.

Leadership is a planned part of every day. Everyone has a chance to be Leader of the Day (LOD) and will have the opportunity to step into a leadership role and help to run the trip! The challenges and rewards of Colorado Bold bring the unity and bonding of the group together

How do we travel?

When not backpacking, we travel by 15 passenger vans, with a roof-rack for all of our personal gear. The van will be driven by your experienced and carefully screened leaders.

All van travel is carefully planned to minimize time spent in the van (we try to never drive for more than 3 hours) and maximize the trip experience for active adventure. YES, we stop frequently to throw a frisbee and for bathroom breaks – DUH!

What's summer weather like in Colorado?

Sunny with a chance of beautiful! With 300 days of annual sunshine, summer is the perfect time to come to Colorado.

The weather in Colorado during summer months is beautiful. Sunshine, blue skies, clear night skies, 80’s during the day and 60’s at night.

Can I combine two trips?

Yes! Colorado Bold and all Bold Earth trips are designed to be combined to make a 4 or 8 week Bold Earth summer. For example, A popular combination is Colorado Bold and Bike Hike Raft and/or Colorado Rock & River. If you are interested contact our Colorado office, 303-526-0806, for more information! A Bold Earth Director will handle all the arrangements to create an incredible summer for you!

Colorado Bold

Travel Made Easy!

  1. Fly Together: Our goal is to fly together as a group. All students are met upon arrival and families are called immediately from the airport.
  2. We recommend participants book flights three months before departure. Booking around April 1st allows the Bold Earth team to guarantee low fares and maximum coordinated group flights.
  3. Combine 2 Trips: Many Bold Earth participants combine Bold Earth trips. Call or e-mail our office for more information.

Every trip has a story.

We have 40+ years of amazing travel tales to share, but our favorites are always best told by our adventurers themselves.
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I had an amazing time and I am already missing my Colorado Bold family and the beautiful mountains!! An incredible experience I am happy to hold in my heart forever.

- Sam J.

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