Tuscany, Italy
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Italy Teen Trip

Bike Hike Tuscany

Get off the tourist track and experience authentic food, towns and culture of Italy by foot and bike! Enjoy slow food home-cooked meals and experience the best of Italy without the crowds.




2018 Dates

July 1 - July 14


14 days



Trip Highlights

  • Rome: Coliseum, Vatican City & More
  • Bike: Small Roads & Medieval Towns
  • Hike: Best of Rural Tuscany
  • Culture: Sights and Cooking Class
  • Experience Italian Countryside
  • The Best Home Cooked Italian Food
  • Small Group = Authentic Italy
  • No Experience is Required



Biking in Tuscany: Montepulciano & Italian Countryside

Experience the beauty of Tuscany from the seat of a bicycle! Tuscany is a cycling capital of the world. Four days of easy cycling in the Montepulciano region of Tuscany brings us off the tourist track and into small Tuscan villages. Stopping frequently to visit olive groves, vineyards and ancient churches, the biking is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After a day of biking, we end by swimming in crystal clear lakes, soak in a hot spring and enjoy Tuscany's best food. Over the course of our four biking days (broken up with rest days), we'll cycle 100 miles for a total of 25 miles on average per day. A support van will travel with us to keep us comfortable throughout our biking adventures!

Rome & Florence: The Best of Italy's Cities

The two city highlights of Bike Hike Tuscany are Rome and Florence. We have a full day and a half at the end of the trip to experience Rome. We explore the Coliseum and venture to Vatican City, marveling at St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Bold Earth explores Rome by foot, experiencing the culture through food, museums, and the incredible plazas. From our home in Tuscany, we take a full day trip to Florence to explore the Duomo, San Lorenzo Market, food, culture, and sights.

Trekking in Tuscany: Chianciano & Lake Castiglion

We spend four days hiking in the Chianciano region of Tuscany. Known for its incredible rivers, lakes, hot springs, forests, and bridges, we explore Tuscany's most famous trekking region. Our hiking days are interspersed with other activities, including learning about slow food, sustainable agriculture, soaking in thermal pools, and relaxing with an Italian cooking class.
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Day 1
Welcome to Bold Earth!
Welcome to Italy! On Day 1, Campers arrive in the morning and are met at the Rome Fiumicino Airport by their Bold Earth Trip Leaders. Campers will call home immediately to confirm their safe arrival. Once the group has arrived, we board our private van to transfer to our home in Tuscany. Once we're nestled in the Italian countryside, we'll have our Bold Earth orientation. During orientation, we get to know each other and learn what to expect in the days ahead. Our daily routine, jobs, and safety rules are explained, and the process of growing together as a group begins. For dinner, we'll share a slow-cooked, homemade Italian meal at our Agriturismo. We get our first taste of Italy and enjoy our first evening meeting together as a group. Welcome to Italy!
Day 2-3
Biking - Montepulciano & Val d'Orcia
On our first full day in Tuscany, we embark on a 37km cycle through Montepulciano, a car-free town nestled in the Tuscan hills. During our the day, we'll visit medieval villages, tour the countryside, and explore legendary Tuscan vineyards. While we do not drink wine on the trip, learning about the wine making process is interesting and culturally immersive. On our ride, a private support van will accompany us the entire time. On day 3, we'll tackle our longest bike ride of the trip - 48km through Val d'Orcia, visiting UNESCO sites along the way. At the end of the day, we'll soak in the famous pools of Bagno Vignoni to reward ourselves for our hard work!
Day 4
Trekking & Hot Springs
Taking a break from the seat of our bikes, we'll spend our day trekking the Double Ring Route, visiting an organic farm, learning about truffles, and exploring vineyards. We'll trek around 13km this day - but don't worry, we end our day with a trek to thermal hot springs! At the end of these busy days, our homemade Italian feasts are well-deserved.
Day 5-6
Biking - Lake Chiusi, Italian Countryside, Pienza
Back in the saddle! For the next two days, we'll bike 40 km and 41 km respectively, traveling the Ring Road, passing through country roads, visiting Lake Chiusi, and exploring the many environments of Tuscany. With gorgeous views and thick pine forests, we'll spend most of our days on a bike-exclusive path. As we roll through the countryside, we'll stop in Pienza to explore the small Renaissance town.
Day 7
Rest Day
We've been working hard throughout our trip! Today is a much-deserved rest day! We have the chance to sleep in, do laundry and rest our legs before the next few days of adventure. By now, our Agriturismo is a perfect little home. We'll lounge by the gardens and in the pool, soak in the sun, and regroup after our days of epic adventure.
Day 8
In the morning, we hop in our private van and travel for the day to Tuscany's largest city, Florence. Long a capital of culture, we spend our day diving into this city's infinite attractions. In Florence, we take in some of Italy’s most important cultural and historic sites; the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, the "David", Ponte Vecchio and the San Lorenzo market. Campers leave Florence inspired, having indulged in culture and lots of gelato. After a long day of exploring Florence, we head back to our rural Italian home for the night.
Day 9-10
Hike: Chianciano Terme & Lake Castiglion
On our two days of trekking, we'll hike between 10 and 14km each day. On our first day, we'll trek through Chianciano Terme, a small village that traces its origins back to the 5th century. We'll wander the ancient streets and have a forested picnic for our Italian lunch. In the afternoon, we'll visit an adventure park and go climbing! Nestled in the hills of Chianciano Terme, this park has a ropes course, suspension bridges, and climbing opportunities to get our blood pumping. On our second day of trekking, we'll take a boat over to the big island of Lake Castiglion and go trekking for the day. We'll have dinner at the lake before heading back to our favorite Agriturismo.
Day 11
Swim, Relax, & Cook!
On our last day in the Italian countryside, we do what Tuscany is best for - relaxation! Moving slowly after an action-packed 10 days behind us (and 2 full days ahead!), we'll spend our day lounging at Olympian swimming pools and exploring the immediate area. We'll embrace our Agriturismo home for one more beautiful day. In the afternoon and evening, we'll take an Italian cooking class and try our skills at preparing an authentic Italian feast.
Day 12-13
Rome Rome Rome!
On day 12, we'll board a train to embark on the final leg of our adventure: Rome! After dropping off our bags at our Roman hotel, we begin our epic tour of Rome by foot. Over our two days in Rome, we'll visit incredible historic sites such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain all while soaking in views of the city, and enjoying delicious food (gelato!!!).
Day 14
Rome Sweet Rome!
Wow! What a trip Bike Hike Tuscany has been. We reminisce about the incredible historic sites such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the sights of Florence. Most of all, celebrate our adventure! Through hiking and biking, we are able to get off the tourist track and experienced the natural beauty and culture of Italy. We enjoy a celebratory dinner and toast to our amazing Italian adventure. Over the past two weeks, we have gotten to know each other through Italy's history, culture, and great food. We come away from this trip with new friends and skills. On our last night, campers pick a spot for our final evening meeting and celebrate the adventure we have shared!

The BIG Bike Hike Tuscany picture?

Bike HIke Tuscany is Buenísimo!

From start to finish, Bike Hike Tuscany is a carefully crafted trip blending adventure, cultural immersion, and authenticity. For 20 years, Bold Earth has scouted this itinerary to enjoy the best of Italian culture, adventure, food, and life!

Campers are guided through Italy by two Bold Earth trip leaders and a local guide. Traveling by bike, foot, train and private van, campers learn to navigate public transportation and gain the confidence to plan and embark on their own trips in the future.

Bike Hike Tuscany is an action-packed exploration of Italy! For 14 days, campers bike and hike through the backroads of Tuscany to experience cultural immersion, adventure sports, arts and history and DELICIOUS FOOD!

Bike Hike Tuscany is a fun, cultural, and enriching Italian Bike tour experience – designed specifically for teenagers. Not only do we explore Europe on two wheels, but we will also tour the cities, museums, and cafes that illustrate Europe’s beauty. Plain and simple – Bike Hike Tuscany will be your greatest summer ever.


• ROME! Coliseum, Vatican City & More

• Florence: Duomo Markets & Ponte Vecchio

• Biking: Touring Tuscany like a local, 25 miles per day average, great exercise & great adventure

• Hiking: World famous hikes around pristine lakes, amazing bridges, and the best lodging

• Italian Food: Eat AMAZING food!

• Adventure, Museums & Sightseeing

• See the ADVENTURE side of Italy

Can I speak to references?

To receive a list of Bike Hike Tuscany references, call our office in Colorado at 303-526-0806 or email us at info@boldearth.com. Please mention the trip you are interested and where you live.

Since 1976 over 17,000 students from all 50 US states and over 55 countries have joined Bold Earth! We encourage you to contact our alumni directly to find out about the quality of our leaders, depth of programming and what a summer with Bold Earth is really like.

We want careful and selective families to choose Bold Earth. Our offerings are only as good as the families who choose Bold Earth Adventures. Our target student is responsible, informed and enthusiastic.

Where do we stay?

Bold Earth spends countless hours securing incredible, perfect and amazing accommodations for Bike Hike Tuscany.

Summer is the busiest season in Italy – Bold Earth plans trips 12 months in advance to ensure we have the BEST accommodations. YES, you will be comfortable!

Breakdown: • 2 Nights in Hotels • 12 nights in Agriturismo

Agriturismo: Italy’s best kept accommodation secret! Bike Hike Tuscany stays at one Agriturismo in Tuscany. Our accommodation is a traditional Tuscan stone home, located on a field in the countryside with wonderful views.

On the ground floor, there is a kitchen and dining area which we will use to eat our meals (and have our cooking demonstration). We also have our own private swimming pool to enjoy. The rooms are very simple with a homely and welcoming feel. If you expect a rural Tuscan property, rather than a modern hotel, you will not be disappointed. Some rooms do share a bathroom (maximum 3 people sharing all from our group). The real highlight of our stay is our wonderful hosts, who will go out of their way to highlight their local area for you and make sure you have a wonderful stay.

Bike Hike Tuscany is carefully crafted. Where, how and why we pick every night’s lodging is why you select and put your trust in Bold Earth and we honor that trust.

What to pack?

Do NOT pack your bike! Bold Earth provides bikes and helmets!

Over the last 20 years, Bold Earth has carefully crafted the Bike Hike Tuscany Packing List to include everything a participant needs to be comfortable on the trip. Click to view: Bike Hike Tuscany Packing List for a detailed description of exactly what to bring. Anything not included on the list is provided by Bold Earth.

Checking Bags? On Airport Day, campers will check the large duffle bag. We recommend using the small daypack as a carry-on. Most airlines do not charge a checked bag fee for international travel. We recommend asking the airline for their specific policy – campers are responsible for checked bag fees.

Give Bold Earth a call at 303-526-0806 if you have any questions. The Bold Earth Adventure Advisor team is always available to help answer packing questions or provide gear recommendations.

Group size?

Small group size = SUCCESS!

Group size matters! A small group puts YOU right in the center of the action and success. Bike Hike Tuscany will include a maximum of 15 Campers and 2 Adult Trip Leaders. You should expect knowledgeable and experienced guides to make the trip safer and 100% solid.

Local Italian Guide?

Sí! Traveling in Italy with an Italian guide is buenisimo! Speaking Italian and helping us to get off the tourist path, our Italian guide will show us the heart of Italy.

Since 2004, Bold Earth has worked in coordination with European partners to provide authentic and carefully crafted Bold Earth programs in Europe. The result is a more authentic, action-packed trip with real depth and superior content.

People who know Europe know the difference. Interestingly, it is not unusual for one or two Europeans to join us in Europe. We consider this the ultimate compliment.

How do we travel?

Bike Hike Tuscany is designed to be efficient (not waste too much time traveling) while maximizing the sights we can see. Campers travel by train, bike, foot and private van. Bold Earth wants to teach you adventure travel skills for a lifetime. All travel is carefully planned and coordinated to provide smooth travel and maximize time experiencing Italy.

Food on Bike Hike Tuscany?

Food in Italy is INCREDIBLE!

Bold Earth food is awesome! The food will be healthy, delicious, local, and fun. Bold Earth emphasizes eating locally – this means learning to cook Italian food and enjoying slow-cooked, homemade Italian meals.

We eat healthy and delicious meals. The group will eat out for most of the trip, and cook a few meals ourselves.

Italian cuisine has developed over the centuries, following social and political changes. Food in Italy is characterized by its simplicity, with many dishes having only a few ingredients. Italian cooks rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation.

Ingredients and dishes vary by region, allowing us to embark on a cultural journey of palates. Carbonara in Rome? Yes. Risotto alla milanese in Italy? You bet! Nutella at every corner? Of course! Food in Italy is local, fresh and rich.

Part of experiencing a new country is to explore through our taste buds. We will enjoy meals at local restaurants in the cities we visit, experiencing the phenomenal and varied cuisines famous to Italia. There will always be plenty of delicious and nutritious food options – the quality of food and the experience of cooking is often a highlight of a Bold Earth trip!

Most special diets, allergies, and food preferences can absolutely be accommodated.

Will I learn new skills?


Bike Hike Tuscany will inspire participants to be lifelong travelers! We hope this trip provides campers with the foundation to confidently travel and study abroad!

Adventure travel is a life skill and Bold Earth is serious about teaching travel skills. Yes, in addition to the adventure sports skills you will learn cooking skills, teamwork, life skills, leadership, and much more.

Leadership and taking charge are a planned part of every day. You will get a chance to be a Leader of the Day (LOD), which will give you the opportunity to step into a leadership role. Our goal is for students to return home with a dozen new lifelong friends, feeling more confident, more of a leader, and more self-aware with a better appreciation of the world around them.


Yes, for all non-Europeans, a valid passport is needed to enter Italy.

Want to Learn More About Italy?

Italy is shaped like a boot – Need More? Ok – fine!

With 4,722 miles (7,600 kilometers) of coastline, Italy is the ideal location to spend a summer. Italy shares a border with France, Austria, Slovenia, and Switzerland and has towering mountains AND endless beaches.

The 4th largest economy in Europe and the 9th largest in the world, Italy is developed, beautiful and safe. Italy’s capital (and largest city), Rome, has been a leading political and religious center of Western civilization for many centuries. Rome served as the capital of both the Roman Empire and Christianity and has since boomed into the cosmopolitan world-class city of today.

Italy is known for an infinite number of wonderful things – It’s culture, art, fashion, religion, history, and food – plus the most passionate people! From the beginning of the Roman Empire, dating back to 27 BC, until now, Italy’s culture continues to be sophisticated, welcoming, interesting, warm and delicious!

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers; da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo & Machiavelli were Italian and helped change the world. Shaped by art, architecture, literature, politics, science, religion and food, Italy has always been at the forefront of Western history and culture.

Italy today is a masterpiece! Dedicated to preservation and progress. Walking through Rome or Florence is an experience in history and modernity. Versace billboards stand next to ancient architecture – this is modern Italy. Walking the streets of Rome or Florence, you feel connected to the heritage and fully immersed in the Italian lifestyle. This is summer – a time for exploration and fun – and that is Authentic Italy!

Weather in Italy?

Sorprendente! (Meaning AMAZING!)

Summer in Italy is the best! A Mediterranean climate, summer in Italy is hot with very little rain.

Italy and the Mediterranean Sea will leave you happy, healthy, full and freshly bronzed. Perfetto!

Bike Hike Tuscany

Travel Made Easy!

  1. Fly Together: Our goal is to fly together as a group. All students are met upon arrival and families are called immediately from the airport.
  2. We recommend participants book flights three months before departure. Booking around April 1st allows the Bold Earth team to guarantee low fares and maximum coordinated group flights.
  3. Combine 2 Trips: Many Bold Earth participants combine Bold Earth trips. Call or e-mail our office for more information.

Every trip has a story.

We have 40+ years of amazing travel tales to share, but our favorites are always best told by our adventurers themselves.
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Chianciano, Tuscany
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"The trip leaders were exceptional and attentive, fun but very responsible at the same time."

- Parent: Lissette

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