Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon
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Canyons, Climbing, Service and Adventure!

Grand Canyon Active

15-day exploration of the Grand Canyon region from above, below, north & south! Adventure + Service = AMAZING!



Arizona, Utah, Nevada

2019 Dates

June 29 - July 13
July 16 - July 30


15 days


14–16, 15–17

Trip Highlights

    • Explore Grand Canyon National Park
    • Desert Oasis Backpack: Havasu Canyon!
    • Whitewater Raft the Grand Canyon
    • Rock Climbing in Utah
    • Zion National Park: Hike & Swim
    • Grand Canyon Service Project
    • Community Service: 6 Hours


*The itineraries below are from summer 2018. The 2019 itinerary will be finalized in October 2018.




Our southwest adventure begins near Zion National Park, home to towering red cliffs and river-carved canyons. We cool off in the Virgin River for an amazing water-hike through a canyon called The Narrows in the National Park. With red rocks, cool water, and towering sandstone walls, Zion is the ideal spot for our canyon-country adventure! Then, we head to St. George where professional guides teach us the skills for rock climbing and canyoning as we push our limits in a challenging yet safe environment!


Next, we hike into Havasu Canyon, a tributary of the Grand Canyon. This lush, waterfall-seared paradise located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is our home for 3 days of swimming and hiking to the Colorado River. A bonafide oasis located amidst sun-baked desert, this is Bold Earth's highest-rated backpack trip!


Teamwork, leadership, and wilderness skills are the goals of Grand Canyon - 15, and all three facets are put into play as we take part in our community service project. Our give-back involves ecological restoration on the wild, lesser-traveled North Rim of the Grand Canyon. With amazing views and an engaging project, campers have the chance to contribute firsthand to their amazing natural surroundings during two days of work.
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Day 1
Welcome to Bold Earth!
Welcome to Bold Earth! Campers will be met upon arrival at the Las Vegas Airport by your experienced Bold Earth Trip Leaders. Campers will immediately call home to confirm their safe arrival. Once everyone is together, we load up our 15-passenger van and head off to our campsite in Crawdad Canyon near St. George, Utah. Our first day begins with a basic orientation. Our campsite is in a desert oasis, with streams, waterfalls and beautiful canyons. We learn to set up our tents before doing a short hike around waterfalls. We spend the evening around the bonfire, getting to know each other and discussing the adventure we have ahead of us.
Day 2-3
Learn to Rock Climb!
Our first adventure on this epic trip will be rock climbing! We will spend two action-packed days climbing routes that are challenging to both novice and more experienced climbers! Our professional guides will provide shoes and harnesses while teaching us the techniques of sport climbing. Our group bonds over the challenges and success of rock climbing as we spend our evenings camping below the picturesque cliffs that we ascend.
Day 4-5
Zion National Park Canyoneering + Service
We break camp and head to one of the gems of the Southwest, Zion National Park! Famous for its maze-like canyons and unique geography, Zion offers unparalleled vistas and amazing recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The Virgin River provides a quick and easy respite from the heat of the canyon, and we take full advantage with a refreshing "riverwalk" along the famous Narrows route. This is one of the region's premier hikes, as we wade through the low water between sheer, vertical sandstone cliffs. This unique activity is an unforgettable experience, rounding out our sensational memories and accomplishments from our time in Zion National Park! On Day 5, Bold Earth campers work with Zion National Park rangers for a full day of community service. Campers help build trails and remove invasive species. This is an educational and rewarding service project.
Day 6-8
Grand Canyon Service Project
From our campsite on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, we will spend a total of 2 days with the Grand Canyon Trust Volunteers helping to improve the natural landscape of the area. With spectacular canyon views and lots of work to do, these are full days, requiring your energy and enthusiasm to make this an effective and enjoyable experience of "giving back". We earn a total of 16 hours of community service!
Day 9-10
Grand Canyon National Park
In terms of sheer magnitude and majesty, there is nothing on Earth that compares to the Grand Canyon. A walk to the edge and you will look over millions of years of history and euphoric vistas. Carved by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon receives its name from the 277-mile long, 20-mile wide, and 1-mile deep wilderness considered to be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Together we will share breath-taking views with awe-inspiring moments as we enjoy this amazing place and prepare to hike into it!
Day 11
Hike to World Famous Havasu Canyon!
The final leg of our trip begins with an early wake-up to beat the heat. We hike by headlamp into the magical Havasupai Canyon, with the rising sun casting glimmers of red light on the walls around us. We reach the canyon floor early to set up camp, relax, and swim. We have plenty of time to jump in the blue-green tropical lagoon that awaits us at the bottom. We will make camp at the base of the cascading 100-ft Havasu Falls to keep us cool and refreshed.
Day 12-13
Explore Blue Green Waters of the Grand Canyon!
The Havasupai Indians have lived here since the 1300's and their name literally translates to the "People of the Blue-Green Waters." We will spend our days in Havasu hiking through the lush forests and swim in the myriad of turquoise pools and waterfalls flowing through this desert oasis! Beaver Falls, Najavo Falls, 50-Foot Falls and Mooney Falls are all possibilities for adventure as we discover firsthand why Havasu Canyon is ranked as one of the world's top-10 backpacks. On the last day, we will depart for the rim just before sunset to avoid the desert sun, saying goodbye to this wonderful place and the Havasupai people.
Day 14-15
Homeward Bound!
Our last full day on Grand Canyon - 15 is spent cleaning our gear, preparing for our trip home and enjoying our last evening together in Las Vegas. We go out for a great meal, give out awards, and cherish the moments we had on our summer of a lifetime! We then wake early and head to the airport to say our goodbyes after a journey of friendship, challenge, success, and adventure!

What's the big picture?

The Grand Canyon is AWESOME — DUH! Epic Grand Canyon is the ultimate exploration of the entire region: North, South, East, West, above and below!

Some Fun Facts:
• 15 days – The perfect length of time!
• Circumnavigate the Grand Canyon
• Rock-Climb Course
• Backpack to a Desert Oasis
• Visit Zion & Grand Canyon National Parks

An epic combination of adventure and community service, Epic Grand Canyon is a Bold Earth classic.

Why choose GC15?

We begin (and end) in Las Vegas, NV. GC-15 is a one of a kind trip. NO OTHER COMPANY offers campers the chance to literally circle around the Grand Canyon.

Stop 1 – Rock Climbing: In St. George, Utah, the group will spend two days learning to rock climb on the red rocks of Southern Utah. Professional climbing guides will teach us all we need to know! No experience necessary!

Stop 2 – Zion National Park: Known for its incredible canyon, hikes, and rivers, we explore Zion National Park to the fullest! The highlight is a walk through the ‘Zion Narrows.’ A “Top Ten” get wet hike through a narrow slot canyon.

Stop 3 – The North Rim of the Grand Canyon: Our first view of the Grand Canyon comes from the North Rim. A spot rarely visited by tourists and home to an incredible campground! For three days, campers work with the Grand Canyon Trust on a unique ecological restoration project.

Stop 4 – Grand Canyon South Rim: This is ‘THE VIEW’ of Grand Canyon. Tourists from all over the world come to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to behold this massive natural wonder. We will spend the night on the rim, watching the shooting stars pour into the western sky. INCREDIBLE.

Stop 5 – Havasu Falls: After a re-supply in Flagstaff, Arizona we head north to the trailhead for our Havasu Falls backpack. This trail has been ranked among the top-10 backpacks in the world! Hiking through the night (to avoid hot temperatures) campers arrive at the oasis of Havasu Falls, located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The hike is a big challenge and campers are rewarded by the incredible swimming and relaxing at the falls.

After hiking out of the bottom of Grand Canyon, a short drive takes us back to Las Vegas where we will clean up and spend our final hours together. GC15 visits three states, two National Parks, Las Vegas and the bottom of Grand Canyon!

Is Epic Grand Canyon FUN?

YES – 15 days of adventure sights and skill building to last a lifetime!

Bold Earth believes adventure should be FUN. Grand Canyon-15 is built around the same fun-loving attitude that forms the core of every Bold Earth trip. Our goal is that while learning new skills, Epic Grand Canyon campers will enjoy an unforgettable, life-list experience!

Do I need experience?


As long as you are willing, whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned veteran, we will match you at your skill level during any activity. Bold Earth hires the best trip leaders in the business to make sure you reach your maximum potential this summer.

Bold Earth trips are FUN, EXCITING and SUPPORTIVE!

Where Do We Stay?

The Bold Earth team works countless hours securing incredible campgrounds in and around the Grand Canyon! Yes, you will be comfortable!

Whether camping next to the Grand Canyon or in Zion National Park, Epic Grand Canyon enjoys the best camping, biggest views and sweetest adventures.

Why camping? Because we take you on an adventure that feels GREAT! Bold Earth provides tents. You will share a tent with 2 or 3 other Bold Earth campers. This is an awesome way of getting to know each other! You are probably not exactly sure about camping, but think about:
• Sitting around a bonfire with a new group of lifelong friends
• Counting shooting stars
• Listening to the river as you fall asleep
• Watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon
• Yoga to sunrise at the Grand Canyon
• Taking a sunrise run? YES!

What is the food like?

Bold Earth food is awesome! YES, the food will be healthy, delicious, local, and fun. Bold Earth campers LOVE to eat and we understand that playing hard all day requires the right nutrition. Yes, we enthusiastically accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, allergy-specific and most special diets.

Cooking on Epic Grand Canyon is a combination of planning, preparing, cooking our own food and eating out. Approximately four times during your trip you and two other campers will have the chance to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the group. Most campers find this to be incredibly fun and rewarding. Your leaders help you as much or as little as necessary and of course EVERYTHING is included. We eat out on special occasions to celebrate our accomplishments and enjoy a night out.

What's the Community Service like?

Community Service is a Bold Earth core value. Bold Earth carefully chooses hands-on community service projects that are active, engaging and life-affirming! All Bold Earth participants will receive a certificate to document their service hours.

Service Credit: 20 Hours

Grand Canyon National Park For 2.5 days, Bold Earth campers are immersed in everything Grand Canyon! Experiencing the park from the eyes of Park Rangers and conservationists, campers interact with Grand Canyon in a way not many others do. Working in partnership with the Grand Canyon Trust, Bold Earth will work along the North Rim of Grand Canyon on various ecological restoration projects. The Grand Canyon Trust is dedicated to preserving the ecological, social and historical integrity of the incredible American Southwest. Our projects will vary, but always include building fences to keep wildlife out of fragile wetlands, trail maintenance, and other restoration projects as designated by the Trust. For more information visit: Grand Canyon Trust

Click to View: ALL Bold Earth community service projects

What should I pack?

For over 40 years, Bold Earth has carefully crafted the Epic Grand Canyon Packing List to include everything you’ll need to be comfortable on the trip. Click to view: Epic Grand Canyon Packing List for a detailed description of exactly what to bring. Anything not included on the list is provided by Bold Earth.

Checking Bags? On airport day, campers will check the large duffle bag and backpacking backpack. We recommend using the small daypack as a carry-on. Campers should either bring a credit card or enough cash to check their bags home.

Give Bold Earth a call at 303-526-0806 if you have any questions. The Bold Earth Trip Advisor team is always available to help answer packing questions or provide gear recommendations.

How do you choose the group size?

Small group size = SUCCESS!

• Maximum of 13 incredible and enthusiastic campers
• 2 adult trip leaders (one male and one female)

Group size is especially important on an adventure and community service style trip. Bold Earth campers are leaders who seek independence, responsibility, and fun. We know teenagers and we understand that a small group size is ESSENTIAL to camper success – especially on Epic Grand Canyon. This is NOT a typical teen tour!

Bonding and friendship are essential to the success of any summer program. Bold Earth leaders are carefully trained in group dynamics and leadership. Also, Bold Earth leaders are the MOST FUN PEOPLE EVER! Your two Trip Leaders will take a hands-on approach to the success of every individual. Bold Earth campers make friendships that last a lifetime.

Each camper will be Leader of the Day (LOD) and will have the opportunity to step into a leadership role and help to run the trip! The challenges and rewards of Grand Canyon 15 bring the unity and bonding of the group together. Wahooooooooo!

How Do We Travel?

We will be traveling by 15 passenger vans, with a roof-rack on top for all of our personal gear. The van will be driven by your experienced and carefully screened leaders.

All travel is carefully planned to minimize time spent in the van and maximize the trip experience for active adventure. YES, we stop frequently to throw a frisbee, stretch our legs, take bathroom breaks and indulge in classic roadside ice cream stands!

Tell Me More About the Grand Canyon!

In the heart of the American Southwest, carved deep into the landscape, known all around the world, the Grand Canyon lies lost in time. At one mile deep, up to 20 miles wide and 277 miles long, the Grand Canyon is without question one of the world’s natural wonders. Nearly two billion years of the Earth’s geological history has been exposed as the Colorado River and its tributaries cut their paths through layer after layer of rock.

For thousands of years, the area has been continuously inhabited by Native Americans who built settlements within the Canyon and its many caves. The Ancient Puebloans were the first people known to live in the Grand Canyon area and lay the foundation for many tribes in the area today.

Today, the Grand Canyon hosts nearly 4.5 million visitors each year. Aside from the photo taking and hiking to be done at the Canyon’s rim, there are incredible sights to see below the rim.

Campers hike into Havasu Canyon, a tributary of the Colorado River and home to the Havasupai tribe. We hike down from the rim of the Havasu Canyon and into the small town of Supai, population 208. With no roads, mail is still delivered by mule. Arriving at Havasu Falls, campers see the jewel of the Grand Canyon, home to a magic oasis and abundant American Indian culture. This is a once-in-a-lifetime backpack!

What's the weather like?

Sunshine + Grand Canyon = PERFECT SUMMER. We will see temperatures around 85-110ºF (25-35ºC) during the day and 50-60ºF (10-15.5ºC) at night. Rain will come occasionally in the afternoons, but it will last for a very short time and is a relief from the heat!

Can I combine GC 15 with another trip?

Yes! Epic Grand Canyon and all Bold Earth trips are designed to be combined to make a 4 or 8 week Bold Earth summer. If you are interested in combining Epic Grand Canyon with a particular trip, please contact our Colorado office – 303 526 0806 – for more information! A Bold Earth Director will handle all the arrangements to create an incredible summer for you!

Can I speak to GC15 references?

Over 16,000 students from all 50 US states and over 55 countries have joined Bold Earth! We encourage you to contact our alumni directly to find out about the quality of our leaders, depth of programming and what a summer with Bold Earth is really like. We want careful and selective families to choose Bold Earth. Our offerings are only as good as the families who choose us and our target student is responsible, informed and enthusiastic. To receive a list of references call the Bold Earth office (303-526-0806) or email info@boldearth.com!

Additional FAQ: Click Here

Grand Canyon Active

Travel Made Easy!

  1. Fly Together: Our goal is to fly together as a group. All students are met upon arrival and families are called immediately from the airport.
  2. We recommend participants book flights three months before departure. Booking around April 1st allows the Bold Earth team to guarantee low fares and maximum coordinated group flights.
  3. Combine 2 Trips: Many Bold Earth participants combine Bold Earth trips. Call or e-mail our office for more information!

Every trip has a story.

We have 40+ years of amazing travel tales to share, but our favorites are always best told by our adventurers themselves.
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St. George, Utah
image description
Grand Canyon 15 was a fantastic experience for Jay! He didn't want to come home which shows just how much fun he had on this trip. JP and Kristen seemed to be fantastic with the kids and really made Jay's overall experience exceptional. I am beyond happy that I sent Jay on this trip. It was his first time away from home like this and what amazing memories he will have for a lifetime. Can't say enough good things!

- Parents: Anita & Matt

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