Browns Canyon, Colorado
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Bold Earth: Great Kids Come In, Bold Kids Come Out

Most teen travel companies think teens need to be changed into something better. That’s not our style. We believe every teen already has a greatness inside of them, just waiting to come alive. All it takes is a little walk on the wild side. Let’s journey somewhere incredible you’ve never been, where you’ll accomplish amazing things with new friends you’ll never forget. Learn why Bold Earth isn’t just an awesome vacation or a next-level camping trip. It’s a place where adventurers are born.

Family-Run Teen Travel Since Day One

Your Bold Earth summer travel camp will be far from our first rodeo. Our teen tours started in the summer of 1976 when Bold Earth owner and founder Abbott Wallis led 12 teens on an epic eight-week expedition from Florida to California – and everywhere in between. As a city-born New Yorker, who gained his own love for adventure through summer camps, Abbott’s dream was to empower young people with a thirst for the kind of wisdom that can only be reached through the experience of travel. And by remaining a family-run company, Bold Earth Adventure Camps has never lost sight of Abbott’s vision. More than 40 years and 17,000 adventures later, the values that powered that maiden voyage – passion for experiencing new places, small close-knit group dynamics and, most importantly, summer fun – still inspire every Bold Earth teen trip.

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Golden, Colorado

Leaders of the Pack

Their outdoor skills are brilliant, their experience with teens is unrivaled and their dedication to fun is the stuff of legend. Meet the team leaders of Bold Earth Adventure Camps.

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Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Tell Us About Your Greatness

Your trip will only be as good as the people who share it with you. Because we only travel in small, carefully-crafted teams, we require a brief interview with every Bold Earth family.

Why We Interview

Travel the earth serve the earth

Exploring exciting new places is awesome. But knowing you’ve helped make those places better is a feeling that can’t be matched. Find out more about teen service trips with Bold Earth.

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Soweto Township, South Africa
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Bold Adventurers Are
Safe Adventurers

We are bold. We are daring. But we are never reckless. We take every precaution to ensure each and every one of our adventure camps meets the highest of safety standards.

Our Take On Safety